Javier Xir (c)


Israel Final 4 2012 Ramat Ishay Rink

Final Cup, Roller Hockey, Ramat Ishay Rink, which won Nofit group, and won the National Cup for the 2012 year, was special event!

Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Israel Final 4 2011 Bet Lehem Aglilit Rink

Final Cup, Roller Hockey, Beth lehem agalilit Rink, which won the Academy Tzur Hadassah group, and won the National Cup for the 2011 year, was amazing event!

Reno, the sports equipment supplier in the world, strengthens israel team by reinforcing new!

We are happy to announce the great news, came to us straight from Spain!
Reno equipment company, the vast and there are many testify that the qualitative world hockey skates sports equipment, decided to fortify the israeli team players, with new hockey Protective equipment, and gave the goalkeeper a new set of all equipment!
Those who do not know, Reno also one of the sponsors at the World Championship
to be held in Uruguay on 24-11-12.
We do not have enough words to thank the organizations and people who help the team at this wonderful journey that started yesterday morning 21/11/12.
We want to send thanks, to Alon visman for the help and mediation a Reno equipment company with the Israeli team. (Alon is a big importer of the equipment provider in Israel).
Website of - Reno company

Schedule First round games - world championship 2012, Uruguay!

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Hello friends,
Here I Attached you the Schedule of the World Championships tournament,
to be held just a few days in Uruguay.
As you can see, Israel is in a group: the Netherlands, Austria, Macau, Israel.
You can view the results of the Israeli national team games in 2008 in South Africa (round A, round B) which Israel won 10th place out of 12 countries and world championship results for 2010 (file included) which Israel has maintained the 10th place out of 12 countries.
This year the Israeli team come with a different layout, the coach who kept behind the lines and see the picture for the rest of the game from the outside and a combination of youth and seniors stars, the best players exist in Israel.
Successful team! We are all here to encourage you through the wonderful journey you experience. Play, have fun, learn, experience, and most importantly represent us as always, with respect!

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Israel National team, special cooperation with telecommunication company 018 !

for 018 website- click here !
These days the Israeli National  team in hockey roller is almost completed for participation in the World Championship to be held on 24-11-12 Uruguay.
most of the games will be probably live in several countries in South America and we of course will update you as soon as the broadcast advertising.
Chose Israel and trained by Spanish coach - Lucas sorio - one of the best coaches in the world, brought on by a very successful cooperation between the Israel Association and Spain.
Together with senior staff of the israel, Lucas formed a unique work program (the establishment of young teams of all ages, a work plan focused clubs, training camps in Spain, promoting contact with clubs in the world, etc.), which sets targets to 10 years ahead.
Greatly increased level of the players, even a player completed military service (Uri Lirman), along with a young goalkeeper at 17 years old (Rotem Ben-Eliezer) - already reaping the fruits of ties and play in tha Spainsh league!
And like all good things  - we could see the main issue that Leads all forwards, education through hockey. The Seniors players  that few years ago had been young players, now coaches the biggest clubs, and managed the community relations \ education - through the hockey roller.
Those players are the ones playing and represent theIsraeli senior team, and now they have even more reason to smile 018 The internet service provider (ISP) and international calls operator, sponsorship Israeli Roller Hockey National team.
After company officials see a representative team pride, education and values. "018 actually represent much of what we - the players and members of the this brunch - believe it. A young company, with vision, with excellent service and personal attention to each client.
There are many parents who come to us with excitement and talk about how much the hockey change their kids life, even Off the rink. Values ​​to which we adhere, along with excellence, helping the community and a constant desire to improve - all of which permeate the young players and in the end of the day - we are reaping the rewards ... "018 did a great thing by believing in us. We know how difficult it is today to donate funds for sponsoring successful companies, and certainly not for sport gets a lot of exposure. But the confidence of the 018 built, another will give many fruits, because that is already starting to be interested in hockey roller, have conversations about television broadcasts, team - train by the Spanish "artist" - lucas sorio, and many more surprises. No doubt that those who believed in us today - will benefit greatly in the near future collaborator very interesting ... "
"The young team players have a distinct advantage - they are linked to the old players who actually take them by the hand and give them the keys to the door which they themselves entered not long ago when they were children, along with the vision, and the best way you can think of.
"We did not have such support, so results were predictable." Today we are with international experience, some of the players after the 4-5 World Championships, safe future of this sport lies in good hands ... "
More and more companies and businesses expressing interest in Israel next big thing - hockey roller sport!, which will help without a doubt a great growth. Together with appropriate budget from the state - we are likely to see a fascinating sport, fast and most important - an educational vision tadpole-class values​​.

Successful team!

New Rink for club Maalot - Back in, Big Time!

Today 6-11-2012 inaugurated a new roller hockey rink in israel for the club Maalot !
Maalot Club, one of the oldest clubs in hockey roller  in israel, back  to work with a big news! 
After the ups and downs of the sports club hockey roller at Maalot, and after a period of no match rink hockey and due to lack of manpower. thanks to the great tenacity of Amir Alfasi, and some hockey menegment members support, the hockey roller managed Amir with persistence to convince all the factors in the cost to return the operations hockey roller in Maalot !.
Those who know and those who do not, the hockey club was previously the cost of a large and powerful club, perhaps the most powerful among hockey clubs in Israel.
These are great news for hockey player in Israel, we hope and wish that the club will hysterical moments and victories and winning picked before

We all wish the club Maalot good luck!

Israel's national team training

Thats it, the countdown has begun, while less than a month will go into the Israeli national team players for the training camp in Argentina, before the World championship to be held in Uruguay 24-11-12. 
Team players practice every week, twice or three times, all determined by one goal! to be ready and very sharper then ever on the rink.
The players have been training, team-building, training games against the Stars League and anything that can bring them a better outcome on the rink.
the coach Lukas Sorio watch the players and review the level of the players and feel that this year will bring players inverter, and surprise the world.
The Players burn for hours and hours on the rink, to the point of exhaustion
and so with determination to improve, win, get ready as possible.
What is apparent, and nice to see on the rink is that no matter how much training will be difficult, and the power runs out, you can always see the players at the start of the next train with a smile, and feel the joy of suffering :)
All out of love.
!some pictures : Click here

Race Kiryat Bialik

Today 26-10-12, Israel's national team players, participated marathon race, held in Kiryat Bialik.
Although marathon race was not entirely due to inclement weather, But this did not prevent players to raise the morale and the smile on their faces and enjoy more experiential consolidation strengthens them both on the rink and elsewhere.
Also, a little bird Whispered to our ears that few players have attracted the local media photographs and brief interview of the captain on Channel 5! a big sport channel in israel.
Hope you enjoyed friends :)

Good luck, those days are building a New Hockey Rink

We want to wish good luck to the club Nofit the daring and rapid decision to build good hockey Rink for the settlement.
Nofit club just realized after watching the festivities hockey in recent years that hockey roller sports is attractive, interesting, exciting, and good people sweeping behind the rink.
Sector hockey skates is the third year in Israel incredible momentum.
You can see some development of existed for years in sports, maybe I would even say any another sport in Israel, thanks to amazing people who are active in nearly all voluntary basis, while demonstrating dedication, determination, and desire to give their children an education and values ​​through this sport is amazing, and the atmosphere that parents feel in the rinks, and so it is important them to help develop the roller hockey branch in israel, and that more and more children have the opertunity to enjoy this sport.
I want to tell you that on the table there are some other projects for new rinks standing in the doorway.
I'll tell you as soon as the results come in.
Thanks everyone for the helps, and may the hockey roller in Israel
will become another hockey world empire.
Good luck to all of us continued development of Sport hockey skates.

Schedule Games World Championships 2012 Uruguay

Following an attachment where you can watch the games Schedule for the world championship held in Uruguay 24-11-2012.
Please note that the Israeli team was honored to play the main game of the eve of the competition, a game which plays against Uruguay Team, and predictably the hall will be filled with fans
And will be a ceremony declaring players and audio-visual show that will raise the crowd on their feet and make players great excitement and fire in his eyes.
As you to note the Israeli team will play against all teams and games are not easy on paper, but we are confident our players and coach who could make history this year! Successful team!
* To view the attachment of the schedule games click here! , Please note that the Israel / Mexico means that if, God forbid, Israel decides to eliminate candidates, but the chairman of the hockey in israel decided that this was final approved and no cancellations so not to worry :) .


On this thursday - 27/09/2012 - it will be the first time that israeli rink hockey players play in a Spain group - the international hockey capital. 
Uri Lirman - who plays in israel national team for 6 years, the capitan 
of  "Nofit"  hockey club senior team, whice is the liga and the Israel cup champion, and served in the army as "Active Sportsman" will join to "Club Pati Monjos" - a catalan club from the highest level in 
Ben-Eliezer, the first goalie hockey club fine Ramat Yishai, Goalkeeper of the Israeli team for seniors, won the title last year's year group state champion, won a significant number of titles with the club youth teams Ramat Yishai. Rotem playing about 12 years hockey, at the age of 14 See on Rotem the potential and took him as a  Goalkeeper  at senior group started his real and significantly personal improved level as a  Goalkeeper , then joined the Israeli team at 15 years young, and two years after Join in official to Israel senior National team!
Last, Rotem volunteered and helped the club coaches and contributed about 4 years as an assistant instructor, and now just finishing the course instructors certified hockey Israel ...
Rotem will join a group of young (under 18) in Villanova, Spain, the Catalan league team that plays in the regional league.
Uri Lirman, with the help of Lucas Sorio - Israel national team trainer, will play at the 2nd catalan league,and even train youth teams to earn some mony... he started to play while he was 9 years old in club "Qiryat 
Bialik" (after he came from Argentina) plays already 12 years. while he was a teen, 
As a teenager,  moved Uri to the club Beth lehem aglilit and started to train and practice the young teams, and to play with the senior team. two years later Uri join to "Nofit" club - there was an important player and lead the team to many titles - the last one is the double of, the senior team,which was leaded by uri the capitan.
Lirman plays in Israel national senior team for 6 years,since he was 15 years old, and took part in the world championship in South Africa, Austria, and should play in the next championship in Uruguay on the end of November. 
Uri is the first (and the only one so far) which served in the IDF as a "Active Sportsman". On this season 
Uri will play with the senior catalan team.
These rare and remarkable achievements in the history of hockey in Israel, an Israeli players and  Goalkeeper, go play in Europe (previously went to play in Europe, Israel's former coach, Radan Rice, in France).
We hope they always continue to enjoy, learn, pick awards and achievements, represented our country with honor, and of course not to forget to return with professional knowledge and give it for future generations who raised here themselves and players and coaches grow and grow in Israel Association.

We welcome Uri and Rotem wishes and fun,
Successfully Uri, successfully Rotem!

Nabil Abboud - President of the Association of Roller in Israel.
udi Gedanken - Chierman of hockey Roller, Israel.
The players, families, the israeli hockey management, and all friends and partners along the way.

Summary year words from Israel chirman roller hockey Association

 Hello Dears,

Up to fifteen months before today, was in Israel one proper hockey Rinks!
By January 2013, documented to be Six standard and proper Rinks for hockey roller!
Israel National team, right one moment befor Uruguay World Championship.
Behind these two parameters,  is doing a bunch of people, who volunteer, and view with a common vision.
All those special people who have invested their time, all their energies, in many different ways, all to build sport in Israel Even though the task seems nearly impossible.
At the same time is thinking how can you become more efficient, improve, learn to change, and sometimes the way though are also mistakes that a person standing on the side seem puzzling.
Just these cases I say to myself, "Those who do not do, have no mistakes" - and thankfully we do!
I remind myself dealing with the work, do it in addition to and beyond the personal work and good intentions,
so instead of moving reviews, I always think how and where we can help.
Two years ago, when we wrote our goals and our vision, we looked like a bunch of lunatics dream.
But in reality, the league has grown the number of players, we have lots more hockey rinks, we trained youth guides and judges, the level of our players has improved with a Spanish coach help, we set up a great country championships, and will Take part in world championships 2012 for seniors, all this while building a framework of values ​​and education for our chilldren.
We continue to dream for a mass of small children on wheels, for doubling the team number at all Leagues in two years from today, prepare more judges and coaches, young and old, and to host a World Championship in Israel very soon...
Therefore, I invite all of you, parents, coaches, referees, and players to take part in the work
Industry's unique hockey roller Israel.
I wish we have a year of continued joint action.
Years of cooperation, tolerance, safety and peace between all those involved in the industry and beyond.

Udi Gedanken
Chairman, Israel Roller Hockey Association

Israel National Team 2012 - Journey to Uruguay

Top right: Chairman of roller hockey industry in Israel Mr Udi Gedanken, Team Manager Mr Pol Shnideman, The Captain Dori Raz, Shiran Duvdevani, Uri Lirman, Saar Sharon, Marcelo Bandersky, Team Coach Mr Lucas Sorio, Assistent Lior Uliel.
Bottom Right: Guy Israeli, Tomer Levi, Elad Salomon, Rotem Ben Eliezer, Shon Kurland.
Friends, we got the last stretch, and important moments are considered, please welcome the final player candidates to represent Israel at the World Championship 2012, Uruguay.
After a lot of investment of effort and hard work had finally decided the Spanish coach - Lucas Sorio the final names that he Choose from dozens to represent Israel the upcoming world championships held in Uruguay.
Lucas felt pride, satisfaction, and determined that the hard work paid players present.
He believes that together, with a lot more work ahead of them are the right way to the top!
Unfortunately to get really to the top or even perhaps hard to say, but to get to Uruguay and receive a team wishes, and gives every spare minute a day to prepare, there is a financial barrier which is not easy to pass...
Those who do not know, involves such championship, flight cost of over 3500$ for player, and the payment demand, almost all, Falls on the back of the players or their parents... Most of them do not have the above amount, and we now know where fate will lead the team (may not leave the championship because of failure to achieve a budget or help to fly).
Israeli team (representing a thirsty good athletes and achievements) is gaining recognition or assistance from the government or those who support today's leading sports publication in the country (where there are sports betting and corruption),The Team carries itself the national flag, also indicates at the open ceremony in the championship the Anthem Song, and the honor to represent our country in every step of the way and this wonderful journey called the World Series.
On the other hand the players need a little help, aid, something to ease and enable them to reach the moment of truth, the race for the long-awaited World Cup ... And it will not happen if they could not raise a little money and help, both by external and from the government or any sponsor willing to sponsor or support the players.
We call you, the good people, who love this sport, support, help, come and give a helping hand, any help, no matter how small you think it is, (the largest they think ) for the 10 this players, who dreams every night to get to this respectable representation of the state, will smile all the way to first place! We will be happy to help or support you can give, even a relevant information or other that can lead us to find the help and assistance, both from foreign and government.
Many thanks to all who take part, and those who support us throughout the Spirited Away.
Team players, and the Association of Roller Hockey in Israel.
more details : ofer1240@gmail.com

Special thanks are given for the club Bialik Mayor from players

Honorable Mayor Eli Dokorsky, City Manager Mr. Ezra haham, and responsible for Sport Mr Hemi Grinberg.
We, all the Hockey Roller Club of Bialik City, want to say Thank you !, for the opportunity to come and get your approval on the mayor's office, We were thrilled to get your attention and the praise and encouragement on our winning children's Olympics at israel, in third place, that was held for the fifth year in Netanya.
Thank given to us and help drive the organization, had a great time during the day to play on a lot parquet against other groups who came from all over the country and experience the unique experience together with a large number of sports as a wonderful place Washington Institute.
We were glad for your interest in our amazing sport hockey skates.
Hope for further cooperation to promote sports hockey roller in Kiryat Bialik.
Thank you!
Roller hockey club in Kiryat Bialik.

Israel National Teams - a last round to the victory

8.5.12 The third training camp began a roller hockey National team of Israel.
The Spanish coach Lucas Sorio came to the third training camp for the Seniors and youth Israeli teams.
Lucas begin with the campaign of the World Championship for level B, held in Uruguay, and the European tournament  for the youth guys...
Lucas determined and believe at the teams, and hope that they (him and the players ) can bring the changes to the Israel's image in the world rankings.
The training camp takes place inside the Ramat Yishai, at the new hockey complex was built this year, there will be training intensely every day, sometimes twice a day.
Lucas has stated more than once that hard work and proper guidance can lead to significant changes and improvement results on the rink as well as Israel and the world rankings.
We wish for Lucas and the teams successfully and hope that we will see them win the games :)

Summer Guides Course 2012 Roller hockey in Israel

.Roller hockey coach course, summer 2012, was started on Monday 23/07/12
9 boys and 1 girl roller hockey clubs participants at the course, and even one participant from branch inline hockey.
the Participants are expected to learn this month about 230 hours of hockey + Wingate classes our + first aid small course. The branch part is hosting the second year in the Regional Council "Alona". Take this opportunity to say thank you, the chancellor, Mr. Arie Sharon and Mrs. Havi Unger and sports circles coordinator who care as much as they always help. The course is orgenize by Alon Vizman and the Spanish Coach Mr. Lucas Sorio, which was approved by the Director of the Israeli Sport.
Students and player will participate in some lectures that Lucas give between the dates 6-9.8.12 at Ramat Yishai. 
List of participants:
Noa Meretyk, Ziv Zakalik, Matan Goren, Jonathan Boger, Gur Gordsky, Asaf kirhi, Shon Kurland, Guy Israeli, Elad Solomon, Stav Nudelman, and other players from the inline hockey.
Israel  roller hockey Association wish you much success in your new way, good luck!

roller hockey Cup season 2011-2012

15-16-06-2012 weekend Cup tournament was held in israel hockey roller, for ages 14U and senior ages. Cup final tournament took place inside the Ramat Yishai new rink, starting in the afternoon, until the evening.
Friday, began the half final two games, four groups, 2 for every age, competed to go over the final. 
The results of the Semi-final for ages senior:
Ramat ishay Vs Hayoger 3-2.
Nofit Vs Hockey Academy 5-1.
Semi-final scores for ages 14U:
Bet lehem aglilit Vs Nofit 4-0.
Alona Binyamina givat ada Vs Hockey Academy 6-2.
After all players entered the game to take a shower and they all arrived at the huge dinner organized by Members of the management, and their families into friendship tent "in the village Friendship".
Dinner meeting has been set to formulate a social event in hockey families.
An event reached about 150 players and families! The event was deemed successful, enjoyable, and productive.
Meet the players' opponents field "on the other side, connected to each other, ate together at the same table, were happy together, knee together the "Shabat", and even broke into a great music background songs song by the Council, Mr Ofer Ben-Eliezer himself with his Accordion.
Now tell me, is it not apacial sports branch ?!?
The next day, Saturday, 16-06-2012 Starting the Games for places 3-4 and finals!
* First, ages 14U teams met to compete for places 3-4:
Hockey Academy Vs Nofit, Nofit won and gave the 3rd place honorable.
Immediately afterward came to compete for places 3-4 the senior groups:
Hayogev Vs Academy Tzur Hadassah, The Academy won the respectable 3rd place.
Moment before the final, a small ceremony held to mention the champion teams for all ages.
Then ... Moment of Truth ...The Final Games!!!
The first finals, ages U14, were playing : 
Alona Binyamina Givat ada Vs Bet Lehem aglilit, Alona Binyamina Won !!! 6-2.
Alona Binyamina Givat ada also take Championship at their age U14 ! absolutlly great club!

And Now ...to the main game of this wonderful tournament, The final game Senior age!
The group hosting the tournament, Ramat Yishai Group play Vs Nofit head to head for one Cup... Awesome game ! Technique, rhythm, speed, team game, strategy, thinking, coordination, integration of all that is said both ...
Game attracted about 600 people and players from all the area ( remember ! israel is a small country ) Mr Ofer Ben-Eliezer the council of Ramat Yishai, Igal Holtzer vice mayor of Ramat Yishai and Sports Department director, Tali Golan director of the Sports Department at the Community Center Ramat Yishai, Dov Yeshurun ​​Zvulun Regional Council head, Uri Disatnik council of Binyamina Givat Ada, Arieh Sharon Regional Council Alona, representatives of the Sports Association "Ayelet", representatives of the Sports Association "Otzma", Nabil Abboud President of the Association of roller skates in Israel , residents in nearby towns and villages in central and southern Israel, Players of various leagues and see who came to cheer real hockey, hockey level we have not seen in israel ... Video cameras scattered all over ... Giant puppets brought smiles and enthusiasm among the audience, awards handed out, wonderful background music, and most importantly, one cup that all people wished him to win.
The honor to open the final game received honorary the council of Ramat Yishai Mr. Ofer Ben-Eliezer ... 
The final game marked the audience in one word: WOW!
A tense game, very close game, the results overturned here and there, action has been said? Half finished with a score 2-2, both teams walked off the field briefing to examine changes in coaches and game strategy ... It seemed on the rink that Ramat Ishay came to the second half with strategy of full rink press, which seems not to play in their favor, because their playe capacity began to fall more and more ... Toward the end, it seemed that this fitness game is decided in the Rink, despite a considerable number of penalty strokes to win blew the Ramat Yishai !
Finally the game ended 7-4 result in favor of Nofit ...
*Nofit is also state champion at Senior age, and they take the double!
After the game grand ceremony of the division of medals and The Cup.
It was really a happening of hockey will not forget at least until the next season!!!
*The event was managed and executed entirely by voluntary industry members that they are all joining forces together for the common good and to enjoy and develop the sport in hockey roller!

For More Images click at the links :

Amazing Atmosphere in Portuguese Roller Hockey

One more season is getting close to finish in most European Championships. After Barcelona, Dornbirn, Nofit and Quevert victories in Spanish, Austrian, Israeli and French championships, also 1ª Divisão in Portugal it's almost finding it champion. After another amazing and emotional Clássico between the two biggest Portuguese roller hockey clubs, Porto and Benfica, the final result was 5-5. This result is favorable to the home team, Benfica, that can stop Porto's supremacy in Portuguese hockey in last decade. With one more point than Porto, Benfica will try to win Tigres de Almeirim on last journey, and assure it 21st Portuguese title. But the reason of this article has something about Emotion and Atmosphere in roller hockey, as happen in sports like football and basketball. Which amateur sport can have something like the next video??? This was the last Benfica's goal appointed by one of greatest Portuguese players, Sérgio Silva.


The celebration after was unique, and is an image about how special is this sport for a lot of people!! Although our sort can't have the same visibility, managers with the same perspicacity, and of course the same money  than the majority of other sports, has something special, some kind of mystique and passion. It is just because of this that roller hockey can't stop!!!

Next Days watch the Best Club's Competition of the World

Official Banner of 2012 European League Final 8
One more season in Europe is getting close to finish. At this moment the national championships are having weekly decisive matches. Until now only the Spanish title was deliver, but a few more are waiting for it owner...

The same happens with the most important Club Championship, European League! Next days, from 24th to 27th May, Lodi (Ialy) will host the fantastic Final Eight of the Best Club Competition in the World! The best 8 Teams of Europe will be fighting for such honor!!
The stage is ready to receive the artists as the follow video shows:

All roller hockey fans will have the opportunity to watch their favorite players during this days Live on TV or WebTV. Some broadcast were already announced, and will be:

24th May 2012 - 20:00
Esport 3 - Live Web
European League Final Eight - Quarter-Finals
Oliveirense (Por)-Barcelona (Spa) 

24th May 2012 - 22:00
Raisport 2 - Live Web
European League Final Eight - Quarter-Finals
Reus Deportivo (Spa)-Amatori Lodi (Ita) 

25th May 2012 - 19:15
RTP Azzorre - Live Web
European League Final Eight - Quarter-Finals
Liceo La Coruña (Spa)-Candelaria (Por) 

25th May 2012 - 21:15
Raisport Web - Live Web
European League Final Eight - Quarter-Finals
Benfica (Por)-Recalac Valdagno (Ita)
Once again there's any sport channel supporting such Magic Championship, but all of us are sure that one day an Eurosport or ESPN could promote our sport...

Don't waste this opportunity to watch the best sport of the world Live!!!

All info at:

Showing that Lodi wants to organize the Best European League Final 8 ever, they prepared an Amazing Brochure, presenting the city, the teams and the competition

Israel Children Olympics 2012, Ages U14

for more pictuers Click Here
It started in the morning.... at the Wingate Institute....  gathered between 6000 !!! Boys and girls, in a variety of sports, in differents ages, and after blessing the Sports Minister of israel - Limor Livnat, and march to the participating authorities (78 authorities from across the country), each  branch His facility cleared to start the game tool.
There were four games. All the games shown to viewers that rink hockey exist !, they gave us a taste from the best level league in our country - U14 League.
The first semi-final, won Tzur Hadassah Club (Academy of hockey skates) the club Ramat Yishai exceptionally good game of two 4-2clubs.
The second game Alona Binyamina Vs Bialik Club, finished at score 5-1 for alona, after Bialik well closed and breaking out very good.
On a 3-4, game between Bialik and Ramat Yishai finished in 6-1 to Bialik, showing great ability of all players, especially the goalkeepers.
At the Final of this turnament - met (again) Alona Binmina and Tzur Hadassah.
The game was amazing...(this is the second game that day the two clubs) The Rate was crazy and it seemed that the cup had been promised to the winners did the trick ...
Dedication, the peak capacity of the too goalkeepers, keeping pressure one very pitch, remarkable personal ability (Europe, we've already said?) - No, not about adult game but the game's super talented youths of Israel's leading clubs.
Exemplary organization, full cooperation, and proper preparation - have created an electrifying atmosphere of hockey - who gave an experience every person who was in (a facility - the dream of anyclub).
Alona Binyamina won the final 5-2 against Tzur Hadassah and raised the cup!  Well done.
May there be more such events like this, which bring much exposure \ respectfor our sport, Rink Hockey.
for more pictuers Click Here

2012 B World Cup change Data and Place

As reported on 15th FIRS B World Cup held by Uruguay post (3rd October 2011) Uruguay will host the B World Cup this year.
 Although the host city was supposed to be Montevideo, due to some reparations in the stadium, the host city was moved to Canelones, being Gimnasio Municipal Sergio Matto the place to play the Championship (wood floor). Also the initial date, 20th to 27th October was changed, and the Championship will be held from 24th November to 1st December (According to Uruguayan source info).
 Our sport is played at this city by one of the most important roller hockey clubs of Uruguay Pinamar Hockey.
Until now there are just a few informations about the organization of this important championship, where everybody wants to see again a lot of usual countries playing it and if possible new countries not used on it.
 To note that is expected the presence of a "False Mexican team" supported by the "official" Mexican Federation, FEMEPAR.This false team will be composed by in-line hockey players, as happened in 2012 Women's World Cup in Alcobendas, with the support of FIRS. This is part of the strategy of this federation to not loose the place at FIRS to represent our sport, but all roller hockey fans know their real goal, kill our sport in Mexico. Although we hope one day there will be justice and the "Unofficial Federation", AHPM will have the opportunity to represent our sport national and internationally.
Posted by 

Participation in training camp and tournament Copa Pati Vilanova

recently returned youth players from a club Ramat Yishai from a wonderful tournament in Spain Copa Pati Vilanova !

The Players: Guy Israeli, Rotem Ben-Eliezer, Noa Mertik, Nevo Cohen, Ziv Zakalik, Elad Solomon, Jhonathan Boger, Idan Lichter, Shon Kurland and Shahar Haronian, together with Marcelo and Alon visman for eight days out of hockey Villanova - Spain.

Delegation to join : Uri Lirman, Nir Shani, responsible judgment on behalf of the Association of rollers that comes with the best training judges in Spain, Tomer Levy, Udi Fried, who joins the ranks of judges in the country and comes to learn and experience hockey.

The Program: training with the national coach, Lukas Sorio... through the help of Alon wiztman and  Marcelo bandersky.
View league games of the best leagues in Spain.
Participation in a youth tournament to be held between the 2-4.4.2012

ISRAEL Build New Hockey Rink

I'm happy to tell the world that after a lot of efforts and a big investment, We began to build a new Rink Hockey With A Roof !
This week began construction of additional parking for club hockey roller, Ramat Yishai !
Ramat Yishai club is existence for years, and practicing in a poor field-level asphalt,
The club turned a lot of times local and regional councils request for assistance in the development of our sports... but was refused each time.
Today, after innumerable requests and intense pressure from the club manager and the mayor will call Ofer Ben-Eliezer whose two sons are active in the hockey roller, we began building a field waiting for all years !
This is another day of celebration, filled with happiness and joy to the heart, all in the hockey family ...

Hoping for more mayors take an example!
the begining :) 

OK Stars like NBA All Stars, one more good example from Spain

For the third time OK STARS takes place in Spain. In 28th January, Blanes will be the Spanish Capital of Roller Hockey, with a full day of practice. 
For the unknowns about this competition, it's comparable to NBA All Stars. The Event is divided in different performances as:
  • Young Championship
  • Women's OK STARS 
  • Skills Contest
  •  Men's OK STARS (Match of Stars)
During the morning, the young championship will promote roller hockey between the Spanish young players,t he best way to prepare the future of roller hockey.
After the lunch comes the Women's OK STARS, showing that Roller Hockey can't survive without women's. Concerning the selection of women players and coaches to be prsent in Blanes, will be chosen by capitans and coaches of the teams of each conference (more details on the rules of tournament).

The main part of OK Stars will come after with some of the best players in the World. They will dispute first some Skills Contest splitted in 3 different categories:
  1. Fastest Player (speed race between players)
  2. Precision (shoot to specific parts of goal)
  3. Best Goalkeeper (shoot from different sides of the rink by 8 players)
The winner of each category will win 500€!

To conclude the amazing day there will be the Match of Stars between the players of two conferences (again see all the rules of tournament).
One of the most interesting points of the Men's tournament is the selection of each player. Thus, all Roller Hockey Fans have the opportunity to choose their favorite players to play in Blanes. 

The voting will be until 18th January 2012 on the website of Spanish Federation.

    Some videos of last editions


    OK STARS 2010 Match between OK LIGA STARS

    Don't forget to vote and to watch the possible broadcast by Spanish and Catalan TV of this amazing event!!!
    Source of news:RFEP