On this thursday - 27/09/2012 - it will be the first time that israeli rink hockey players play in a Spain group - the international hockey capital. 
Uri Lirman - who plays in israel national team for 6 years, the capitan 
of  "Nofit"  hockey club senior team, whice is the liga and the Israel cup champion, and served in the army as "Active Sportsman" will join to "Club Pati Monjos" - a catalan club from the highest level in 
Ben-Eliezer, the first goalie hockey club fine Ramat Yishai, Goalkeeper of the Israeli team for seniors, won the title last year's year group state champion, won a significant number of titles with the club youth teams Ramat Yishai. Rotem playing about 12 years hockey, at the age of 14 See on Rotem the potential and took him as a  Goalkeeper  at senior group started his real and significantly personal improved level as a  Goalkeeper , then joined the Israeli team at 15 years young, and two years after Join in official to Israel senior National team!
Last, Rotem volunteered and helped the club coaches and contributed about 4 years as an assistant instructor, and now just finishing the course instructors certified hockey Israel ...
Rotem will join a group of young (under 18) in Villanova, Spain, the Catalan league team that plays in the regional league.
Uri Lirman, with the help of Lucas Sorio - Israel national team trainer, will play at the 2nd catalan league,and even train youth teams to earn some mony... he started to play while he was 9 years old in club "Qiryat 
Bialik" (after he came from Argentina) plays already 12 years. while he was a teen, 
As a teenager,  moved Uri to the club Beth lehem aglilit and started to train and practice the young teams, and to play with the senior team. two years later Uri join to "Nofit" club - there was an important player and lead the team to many titles - the last one is the double of, the senior team,which was leaded by uri the capitan.
Lirman plays in Israel national senior team for 6 years,since he was 15 years old, and took part in the world championship in South Africa, Austria, and should play in the next championship in Uruguay on the end of November. 
Uri is the first (and the only one so far) which served in the IDF as a "Active Sportsman". On this season 
Uri will play with the senior catalan team.
These rare and remarkable achievements in the history of hockey in Israel, an Israeli players and  Goalkeeper, go play in Europe (previously went to play in Europe, Israel's former coach, Radan Rice, in France).
We hope they always continue to enjoy, learn, pick awards and achievements, represented our country with honor, and of course not to forget to return with professional knowledge and give it for future generations who raised here themselves and players and coaches grow and grow in Israel Association.

We welcome Uri and Rotem wishes and fun,
Successfully Uri, successfully Rotem!

Nabil Abboud - President of the Association of Roller in Israel.
udi Gedanken - Chierman of hockey Roller, Israel.
The players, families, the israeli hockey management, and all friends and partners along the way.

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