Javier Xir (c)


Israel Final 4 2012 Ramat Ishay Rink

Final Cup, Roller Hockey, Ramat Ishay Rink, which won Nofit group, and won the National Cup for the 2012 year, was special event!

Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Israel Final 4 2011 Bet Lehem Aglilit Rink

Final Cup, Roller Hockey, Beth lehem agalilit Rink, which won the Academy Tzur Hadassah group, and won the National Cup for the 2011 year, was amazing event!

Israel Hockey, Senior league, open !!!!! Finally

Tomorrow it will Happend my Friends!!!!
Israel rink hockey, Senior league, open....
After many discussions and efforts to open the adult league this year.
Final decision was made that the league finally opens on True two months late but better late than never.

This year are on the agenda seven groups:
Bet lehem haglilit
Kiryat Bialik
Ramat Yishay

Groups are arranged differently this year, it seems that there are stronger but less strong and there are rumors that came in higher motivation to win and nothing is known in advance ...
We wish all a great success and good luck guys !!!

U.S.A Won The world championship For Group B

With a 5-1 win over South Africa, defending champion United States won again in the Dornbirn Ballsporthalle gold at the roller hockey B World Championships. After a half time lead of 3-1 by the Americans using their opportunities and built their lead even further. They acted excellent in defense. By lock and frequent victories they have achieved over the whole World Cup a lot of goals. Also, the preliminaries, the Americans decided to side against South Africa 7-6 for themselves. Silver and bronze secure South Africa and the Netherlands. The Orange team was 4-3 against Austria in the shootout. These three teams to get into the Group A

Finishes 40th B World Cup in Dornbirn:
1. USA
2. South Africa
3. Netherlands
4th Austria5. Macao
6. Uruguay
7. Egypt
8. Australia
9. New Zealand
10. Israel
11. Japan
12. India

Israel  Final Scores

Today 18:30 Brodcast Live !!!!!!                     

Rollhockey B-Weltmeisterschaft 2010, Dornbirn: The Final Scheduale Friends

*Israel National Team 2010*

They are almost at the peakThe Israeli players for training for the World Championship next month Which will be held in Austria.
 This year seems more determined team from Israel to advance and promote the first places in the table. Recently been training hard with a lot of personal work of each player and effort to do everything in order to progress and get better but the road is long and Crafts much so we wish them luck.Wishing you success and victory the State's

                       Hockey Turnament in Madeira

Like we wish there will be transmission of the tournament at Madeira .
I'm happy to tell everyone that the hockey tournament will be held
Madeira (Portugal) Jul 8-11 dates will be broadcast live !
Yes yes! Unbelievable! We watch our children play hockey
Behind the curtain, we can encourage, be happy, to keep fingers...
Most importantly finally watch hockey on LIVE with ISAREL child's. 
So do not forget to watch, be there for them, see how they represent us with honest! .

I am pleased to attach the schedule games here!.
Link to view the games click here!.
Thank's to Ricardo Querido Henriques.

 Children's and youth players in Israe

We, all the players in Israel, want to wish you a great success at the

Hockey tournament in Portugal.

Have a lot of successful, believe in you! Keep yourself, and come back only with a smile :) .

Greetings Ramat Yishai Cup winner for the year 2009-2010

Ramat Yishai  take the Cup for year  2009-2010.
Ramat Yishai also this year took the Israel championship title and the Cup.
This is the first time that a group take a double!!! ... And They really deserve it.
Throughout the season they just smashed each group who was alert and determined the other hand reached for victory.
I wish that next year seems to reach groups with the same determination and desire to win the war will grow and we can enjoy together as a professional hockey this year.

All honor and respect, you, Ramat Yishai!

Good luck.

Israeli Championship Winning 2010  

Israel National Team - World Championship 2008 South Africa

B-world championship 2010 in Dornbirn


!!! Training on Hockey Clube Mealhada - live

Watch live streaming video from hcmealhada at livestream.com

Training camp in Germany 2010 - New's from the Academy of skates

Sometimes there are moments in life of all of us, which we feel that at last we understood.Understand why we do what we do, why we chose it, why are we so enjoy the same thing. 
Are exactly the feelings that flooded the Academy Hockey Team players skates after seeing for the first time, a facility world-class hockey skates, amazing players, a team of 20 volunteer club supports a full, gorgeous facility, hostel (Villa amazing) that can host 3 teams at the same time, room food management, 60-inch plasma for players connected to PlayStation, 11 dressing rooms showers, meals are perfect and much much more .....
Travel + tournament training camp in Germany, was a milestone in the Academy, players, coaches, parents and hockey in general. It was an extraordinary experience for us all.Something we take for life. Ties we have created there, players with players, coaches with coaches, mayors, presidents of clubs - our amazing industrywe sure that will forward Israel in the coming years. Agenda of the players was very busy: breakfast, morning practice, hockey games, more training, food, and hockey games. Our players did a great step forward, under the guidance of Dutch coach, and amazing - Tony. 
As promised, the Netherlands U17 goalkeeper came to work with our porters (and they worked hard) ! The sence around this wonderful club, couse our players have made open-mouthed most of the time. They did not believe such a thing could be, the life of people and children revolve around hockey, around the club, around the values of sports excellence.
The behavior of our players was Commendable and professionalism. Tony said on the last day of remarkable discipline in our players, telling us that he told his players (some of the Dutch national team!) They need to learn and take example of the Israeli players. This Certificate of Excellence of our great players. Professionally, each player and player received personal attention, work on what he needs to improve, and we saw tremendous progress in every player, every game. Although the tournament was a training camp + clubs and teams, the organizers insisted to honor players and made the state anthem along with displaying the flags of the countries hosted.... What a gentlemen!!!
Physical pressure, speed, great differences in their training provided to our front, led everyone to get the best from himself. The players did everything they could, and beyond, and played exceptional, personally kept all the game, sometimes 2 consecutive games! Joint training caused players to connect with players from other countries, and created lifelong friendships. Everything was perfectly organized, the hospitality was perfect, and we (coaches) we have also to train and play 3 games at the German league's all that difficult. It was amazing!
Graduation party was the signal to start celebrating release from the pressure for 4 days.Everyone danced with everyone, including club president - a wonderful personality all built from scratch and made a dream into reality. Everything was shot stills + video.See and believe. Club hockey skates glory, a place to learn from it so much. We have so many things on the agenda after this trip...
picture's - link1 , link2 , link3

Help me help them

Israel has 4 girls who play hockey skates
At both good and talented and very nice want to develop in hockey
They are looking for some summer training camp in which they can integrate
Play hockey and learn to enjoy hockey and improve
They are very determined to learn to move and play at the highest levels as in Europe
So my friends I need your help, if there is a person who knows or selling any camp
Intends to prepare for summer 2010 please contact me the name or link to the website or the person him or with him to talk about it.

Hockey academy youth selected team is going to play and practice in an amazing hockey tournament in Germany next marc!!!

Hockey academy is one of the best place to play and learn how to play roller hockey in israel.

The academy opened 4 years ago (2006) in the center and south of israel and managed by 2 of the best players and coaches in israel – Radan Reis and Lior Uliel.

This year, they have chosen the best 8 players and 2 goalkeepers to be in selected team going to Germany. "this is a dream come true for us, to lead a team from our area for the first time ever, to participate in such an amazing tournament. We are working hard every year, trying to develop training techniques and the cooperation with the world is very important to the hockey in israel.

We hope this trip will give our talented players a taste of the great hockey that there is in the world. We all very excited and waiting to be on the plain already".

The tournament will be in Hanover – Germany, along with teams from Germany, Holland and Israel.

We wish the hockey academy team good luck! Go and win!!

: Team are confirmed the national teams of

National teams to confirme it presence:

A Class Championship and B Class Championship

Rink Hockey has 2 World Championships: an A Championship and a B championship. The Group A contains the 16 best world teams, as the Group B contains 16 nations of inferior level. Each Championship happens every two years in alterned years; for example A Championship was in 2009, so B Championship will be in 2010. The first three-placed nations on the B championship are granted an entry to next year's A championship and the 3 worst-placed teams on the A are relegated to the B championship. The next B World Cup will be 2010 Rink Hockey Men's B World Championship in Dornbirn, Austria.

Details on the level B in world championships

B-Cup 2010 in Dornbirn - the logo is already!
For the largest roller hockey event that it ever was in Austria, preparations in full swing. A six-member organizing committee stands for Pool B of 23.10. until 30.10.2010 Dornbirn and is completely responsible to the work on schedule. In the new exhibition and ball sports where the games are played, is a very good infrastructure exists, which is the preparatory work benefit. In the hall will be played on the parquet, the bleachers can be extended and provide seating for about 1,000 spectators. At the Games, the Austrians, the hall is bursting at the seams, there is optimism in the run, but this World Cup will be a rolling advertisement for the sport of hockey in Vorarlberg and Austria. 
As in many other countries to fight in Austria for the recognition of roller hockey's and the organizers want to take all the clubs in the duty not to let a unique opportunity to escape to run advertising on their own cause. In many schools Roller Hockey performed demonstrations, it will also provide young people with specific actions and tries to bring the sport to follow the World Cup LIVE. 
It tries everything to give the gray facade of the new roller hockey sports glory. 
World Cup logo 
The World Cup logo is already designed in the round circle symbolizes the globe and roller hockey ball. The color red, and white letters indicate the Austrian flag. The roller hockey player in the background stands for our sport. 
registered on 10 Jan 2010 by Marcel 

Hello guys ...
I am pleased to announce that after long conversations and submissive efforts, the good news...
Israel national team go for serious action again World Championship in October 2010 .
In the near future will track each player to prove himself to make it to the top ten. 2 goals and 8 players will represent the next state championship.
Radan ( the coach ) : professional considerations are those who decide only !
As you know the championship this year takes place in Austria in Durbin.
I think Austria in the first time host a world championship, and they seem to establish new hall now, so I think even going to be pretty much, and hope be a lot of crowd after they raise production Such an event so great.
an excellent website and more accurate details of the particular championship Will air soon, of-course championship logo published soon, they working on it now...

Israel Youth Initial tests

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