Israel National Team 2012 - Journey to Uruguay

Top right: Chairman of roller hockey industry in Israel Mr Udi Gedanken, Team Manager Mr Pol Shnideman, The Captain Dori Raz, Shiran Duvdevani, Uri Lirman, Saar Sharon, Marcelo Bandersky, Team Coach Mr Lucas Sorio, Assistent Lior Uliel.
Bottom Right: Guy Israeli, Tomer Levi, Elad Salomon, Rotem Ben Eliezer, Shon Kurland.
Friends, we got the last stretch, and important moments are considered, please welcome the final player candidates to represent Israel at the World Championship 2012, Uruguay.
After a lot of investment of effort and hard work had finally decided the Spanish coach - Lucas Sorio the final names that he Choose from dozens to represent Israel the upcoming world championships held in Uruguay.
Lucas felt pride, satisfaction, and determined that the hard work paid players present.
He believes that together, with a lot more work ahead of them are the right way to the top!
Unfortunately to get really to the top or even perhaps hard to say, but to get to Uruguay and receive a team wishes, and gives every spare minute a day to prepare, there is a financial barrier which is not easy to pass...
Those who do not know, involves such championship, flight cost of over 3500$ for player, and the payment demand, almost all, Falls on the back of the players or their parents... Most of them do not have the above amount, and we now know where fate will lead the team (may not leave the championship because of failure to achieve a budget or help to fly).
Israeli team (representing a thirsty good athletes and achievements) is gaining recognition or assistance from the government or those who support today's leading sports publication in the country (where there are sports betting and corruption),The Team carries itself the national flag, also indicates at the open ceremony in the championship the Anthem Song, and the honor to represent our country in every step of the way and this wonderful journey called the World Series.
On the other hand the players need a little help, aid, something to ease and enable them to reach the moment of truth, the race for the long-awaited World Cup ... And it will not happen if they could not raise a little money and help, both by external and from the government or any sponsor willing to sponsor or support the players.
We call you, the good people, who love this sport, support, help, come and give a helping hand, any help, no matter how small you think it is, (the largest they think ) for the 10 this players, who dreams every night to get to this respectable representation of the state, will smile all the way to first place! We will be happy to help or support you can give, even a relevant information or other that can lead us to find the help and assistance, both from foreign and government.
Many thanks to all who take part, and those who support us throughout the Spirited Away.
Team players, and the Association of Roller Hockey in Israel.
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Excellent article!!!
I hope Israel entities and brands can help this growing sport!!!

Quienes hayan visto algun partido de estos esforzados jugadores seguramente no podrán creer que no puedan jugar el próximo mundial de hocket en Uruguay por falta de apoyo financiero.
Estoy seguro que ajustando presupue-
tos oficiales de las intendencias, se llegará a la suma necesaria para que podamos verlos brillar en el mundial.