Special thanks are given for the club Bialik Mayor from players

Honorable Mayor Eli Dokorsky, City Manager Mr. Ezra haham, and responsible for Sport Mr Hemi Grinberg.
We, all the Hockey Roller Club of Bialik City, want to say Thank you !, for the opportunity to come and get your approval on the mayor's office, We were thrilled to get your attention and the praise and encouragement on our winning children's Olympics at israel, in third place, that was held for the fifth year in Netanya.
Thank given to us and help drive the organization, had a great time during the day to play on a lot parquet against other groups who came from all over the country and experience the unique experience together with a large number of sports as a wonderful place Washington Institute.
We were glad for your interest in our amazing sport hockey skates.
Hope for further cooperation to promote sports hockey roller in Kiryat Bialik.
Thank you!
Roller hockey club in Kiryat Bialik.

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