Summer Guides Course 2012 Roller hockey in Israel

.Roller hockey coach course, summer 2012, was started on Monday 23/07/12
9 boys and 1 girl roller hockey clubs participants at the course, and even one participant from branch inline hockey.
the Participants are expected to learn this month about 230 hours of hockey + Wingate classes our + first aid small course. The branch part is hosting the second year in the Regional Council "Alona". Take this opportunity to say thank you, the chancellor, Mr. Arie Sharon and Mrs. Havi Unger and sports circles coordinator who care as much as they always help. The course is orgenize by Alon Vizman and the Spanish Coach Mr. Lucas Sorio, which was approved by the Director of the Israeli Sport.
Students and player will participate in some lectures that Lucas give between the dates 6-9.8.12 at Ramat Yishai. 
List of participants:
Noa Meretyk, Ziv Zakalik, Matan Goren, Jonathan Boger, Gur Gordsky, Asaf kirhi, Shon Kurland, Guy Israeli, Elad Solomon, Stav Nudelman, and other players from the inline hockey.
Israel  roller hockey Association wish you much success in your new way, good luck!

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