Israel National Teams - a last round to the victory

8.5.12 The third training camp began a roller hockey National team of Israel.
The Spanish coach Lucas Sorio came to the third training camp for the Seniors and youth Israeli teams.
Lucas begin with the campaign of the World Championship for level B, held in Uruguay, and the European tournament  for the youth guys...
Lucas determined and believe at the teams, and hope that they (him and the players ) can bring the changes to the Israel's image in the world rankings.
The training camp takes place inside the Ramat Yishai, at the new hockey complex was built this year, there will be training intensely every day, sometimes twice a day.
Lucas has stated more than once that hard work and proper guidance can lead to significant changes and improvement results on the rink as well as Israel and the world rankings.
We wish for Lucas and the teams successfully and hope that we will see them win the games :)

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