roller hockey Cup season 2011-2012

15-16-06-2012 weekend Cup tournament was held in israel hockey roller, for ages 14U and senior ages. Cup final tournament took place inside the Ramat Yishai new rink, starting in the afternoon, until the evening.
Friday, began the half final two games, four groups, 2 for every age, competed to go over the final. 
The results of the Semi-final for ages senior:
Ramat ishay Vs Hayoger 3-2.
Nofit Vs Hockey Academy 5-1.
Semi-final scores for ages 14U:
Bet lehem aglilit Vs Nofit 4-0.
Alona Binyamina givat ada Vs Hockey Academy 6-2.
After all players entered the game to take a shower and they all arrived at the huge dinner organized by Members of the management, and their families into friendship tent "in the village Friendship".
Dinner meeting has been set to formulate a social event in hockey families.
An event reached about 150 players and families! The event was deemed successful, enjoyable, and productive.
Meet the players' opponents field "on the other side, connected to each other, ate together at the same table, were happy together, knee together the "Shabat", and even broke into a great music background songs song by the Council, Mr Ofer Ben-Eliezer himself with his Accordion.
Now tell me, is it not apacial sports branch ?!?
The next day, Saturday, 16-06-2012 Starting the Games for places 3-4 and finals!
* First, ages 14U teams met to compete for places 3-4:
Hockey Academy Vs Nofit, Nofit won and gave the 3rd place honorable.
Immediately afterward came to compete for places 3-4 the senior groups:
Hayogev Vs Academy Tzur Hadassah, The Academy won the respectable 3rd place.
Moment before the final, a small ceremony held to mention the champion teams for all ages.
Then ... Moment of Truth ...The Final Games!!!
The first finals, ages U14, were playing : 
Alona Binyamina Givat ada Vs Bet Lehem aglilit, Alona Binyamina Won !!! 6-2.
Alona Binyamina Givat ada also take Championship at their age U14 ! absolutlly great club!

And Now the main game of this wonderful tournament, The final game Senior age!
The group hosting the tournament, Ramat Yishai Group play Vs Nofit head to head for one Cup... Awesome game ! Technique, rhythm, speed, team game, strategy, thinking, coordination, integration of all that is said both ...
Game attracted about 600 people and players from all the area ( remember ! israel is a small country ) Mr Ofer Ben-Eliezer the council of Ramat Yishai, Igal Holtzer vice mayor of Ramat Yishai and Sports Department director, Tali Golan director of the Sports Department at the Community Center Ramat Yishai, Dov Yeshurun ​​Zvulun Regional Council head, Uri Disatnik council of Binyamina Givat Ada, Arieh Sharon Regional Council Alona, representatives of the Sports Association "Ayelet", representatives of the Sports Association "Otzma", Nabil Abboud President of the Association of roller skates in Israel , residents in nearby towns and villages in central and southern Israel, Players of various leagues and see who came to cheer real hockey, hockey level we have not seen in israel ... Video cameras scattered all over ... Giant puppets brought smiles and enthusiasm among the audience, awards handed out, wonderful background music, and most importantly, one cup that all people wished him to win.
The honor to open the final game received honorary the council of Ramat Yishai Mr. Ofer Ben-Eliezer ... 
The final game marked the audience in one word: WOW!
A tense game, very close game, the results overturned here and there, action has been said? Half finished with a score 2-2, both teams walked off the field briefing to examine changes in coaches and game strategy ... It seemed on the rink that Ramat Ishay came to the second half with strategy of full rink press, which seems not to play in their favor, because their playe capacity began to fall more and more ... Toward the end, it seemed that this fitness game is decided in the Rink, despite a considerable number of penalty strokes to win blew the Ramat Yishai !
Finally the game ended 7-4 result in favor of Nofit ...
*Nofit is also state champion at Senior age, and they take the double!
After the game grand ceremony of the division of medals and The Cup.
It was really a happening of hockey will not forget at least until the next season!!!
*The event was managed and executed entirely by voluntary industry members that they are all joining forces together for the common good and to enjoy and develop the sport in hockey roller!

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