Javier Xir (c)


Israel Final 4 2012 Ramat Ishay Rink

Final Cup, Roller Hockey, Ramat Ishay Rink, which won Nofit group, and won the National Cup for the 2012 year, was special event!

Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Israel Final 4 2011 Bet Lehem Aglilit Rink

Final Cup, Roller Hockey, Beth lehem agalilit Rink, which won the Academy Tzur Hadassah group, and won the National Cup for the 2011 year, was amazing event!

parts of some last senior League games - 30-4-11

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A weekend of an Amazing Rink Hockey Games

Last weekend, 30-4-11 on the field hockey games were held in Kiryat Bialik for the teams : 
Bet lehem aglilit against Hayogev, Ramat Yishai against Academy of skates, and Maalot against Nofit. The games were very close, Bet lehem's won ! 6-5...But  After all the game you could not tell how it ends.Then the game took place is Ramat Yishai Vs the Academy, It seems that a game is in the hands of the Academy right up to the last minutes of the game which led to Academy 9-6 on the Ramat Yishai... But suddenly all Academy players were tired, Precisely at this moment Ramat Yishai took command and compare the score to 9-9. But it's not over till it's not over, and immediately after a few seconds scored another goal and brought the score to 10-9 in favor of Ramat Yishai... Which earned the Academy players of the madness of a minute, and they back to play hockey without air !. Finally, just in the last seconds the judgement give moved against Ramat Yishai thing that led to penalty because of 10 violations. Lior Oliel went to hit the penalty kick and the ball entered the net! (Attached link youimposing penalty) . Finally friends... Maalot group game against Nofit.
A Play that started very relaxed and relatively tidy, I would even add thrilling.
in the first minutes of the game, it was hard to bet who came away with a win ...
Even I thought they on the wave, as we say... But quite a few minutes later, Maalot came back to the game and started to demonstrate winning momentum and superiorability, they show again for everyone who is leading the table
It should be noted and half rain drops into the field from all directions, leading to a prolonged halt between halves (about 30 minutes) but the determination of the players to the continue the game   proved themselves, and finally after cleanings, they returned to play and finished the game properly ... The game ended 5-2 in favor of a group of Maalot.
No doubt we had a wonderful Saturday of good hockey ...
We all have a pleasant week.

Attached a link to some penalty strokes : 

Today, 29-4-2011, 16:30, hard and intresting game in israel league

Bet lehem aglilit -Vs- Hayogev
 frieday, 29/4/11, 16:30, at Q.Bialik,
 Dont miss....!!!

The game finished 6-5 for Bet lehem galilit :) 
gr8 game !

Tech Deportiu Reus -Vs- Barcelona

Today its the day... one of the intresting game will
broadcast in live !!! 28-4-2011 21:25 ( in Israel time 22:25 ).
Don't waste the opportunity to watch the important derby that
can avoid Barcelona to win for the 14th consecutive time.


Israel Roller Hockey reported in MundoOK

The Israel Roller Hockey is jumping Bordiers, and was reported in one of the best sites of our sport.
On the following website http://www.mundook.net/, you can read (not in English yet, but will be soon) about our story, the steps to grow the sport, the league, challenges and problems.
Now is time for the Israel newspapers also report our League.
Don´t forget to put a like in the article. We need the support of all the Israel Roller Hockey fans showing to the World that we are a powerful group!

Continue !!! -National team 2008 B-World Championship

Academy team players hosted a training camp in Germany.

This days host some teams from the Academy for skates from Israel at springe hockey camp (germany).
Look's that everithing is great! and they having fun, they are practicing, eating good, and having a lot of hockey!!! today they had some help with trainig from germany youth hockey team mr. hans werner and all the players were exited about it
also milan brandt - the best hockey player in germany for his ages is trainig with their kids and it is great to see and fill it...
at their first day there they went to visit bergen belsen camp and they all were upset and strong at the same time
the weather is perpect and hockey is probebly the best game in the world

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A Club from Ramat ishay visit CP Vilafranca

Throughout this week the club Ramat Ishay from Israel makes a stage with their youth in Spain.

the Israelis, who arrived late last week,would stay their until next Monday. During these days the young players will train with several teams in the area, such as CP Vilanova, EC Girl, the San Jose skate and Villefranche, in order to improve individual skills and team play.
We're all proud and wish them the blessing and success, and are waiting to meet them again in our country to bring out the acquired information and knowledge which were exposed.

premsa Vilafranca