Javier Xir (c)


Israel Final 4 2012 Ramat Ishay Rink

Final Cup, Roller Hockey, Ramat Ishay Rink, which won Nofit group, and won the National Cup for the 2012 year, was special event!

Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Israel Final 4 2011 Bet Lehem Aglilit Rink

Final Cup, Roller Hockey, Beth lehem agalilit Rink, which won the Academy Tzur Hadassah group, and won the National Cup for the 2011 year, was amazing event!

Round two is underway !!!

Tomorrow it happens a second time! The Spanish coach, Mr. Lucas Surio, which came in August past 08/2011, and took it upon himself to lead the Israel national team rink hockey, (youth and adults ages) came to our country to another round of training.
During last August Lucas coached the teams for two hard weeks, and went out with another 20 players on a journey towards the 2012 World Championship.
Since leaving, Lucas organized training program that give to an israeli coach, who appointed his behalf during the period would not be in the country while providing continuous reports on events and the pace of the players improve.
TodayLucas returned for another two weeks of training, he will want to check the level of the players.
In addition to the weekly Lucas will additional training and arduous as the journey to victory.
Most training will take place in the Rink of Bet lehem Agalilit Club, at the new rink.

Hereby wish everyone lots of luck in the hard workand a great experience and fun.
Happy Chanukah to all the hockey family.

News from Season 2011-2012

Hello everyone,
I recently received emails from fans and players who are interested about information on events in the Israeli league.
So first I apologize that I have not updated recentlyI was a little busy with my studies ...
I just found a window of opportunity where I decided to devote my entire article for you!
I hope that from now I'll put myself in a regular daywhich I will devote my time to update you on events in the Israeli league ...
New year, we celebrated all together with the families of the new hockey rink, at the setllement Beth lehem aglilit.
We had a roller-skating event in support of instructors and wandered about among the crowd,and Israeli music playing in the background....
Later in the eveningwent amazing game, of the Israel National Senior team Vs Israel youth team ... A game that drew many cheers from the audience while encouraging and best wishes of success for both groups.
Then ... 2011-2012 season has began! the season opened with some delays but with determination and tension in the air Seems the last season never really ended.
The opening game opened the Academy Group Tzur Hadassah, the Israeli State cup rink hockey for two consecutive years... the game Challenges facing a Hayogev that year over a year goes up  to the rink with new strength and a strong desire in their eyes.
Academy of Tzur Hadassah, increased quality composition, the composition of an players and an excellent goalkeeper, who does a great job (Mr. Tomer Levy).
Academy came up with an unequivocal statement of intent, they were victorious and no prospects or condition different result from victory.
On the other hand, a group Hayogev, a group with great ability, motivation, fast game system, onto the rink to try and open the season with a victory over the cup holders ...
But unfortunately it was not so, the game ends 5-2 result in favor of the Academy of Tzur Hadassah, for playing a game safestablestrong and with exceptional goalkeeper kept a clean net work almost bare, leading them to a state that all that remains now is
Place the ball in the opposing team's netand forever.
Later this week, began more good games where you could see that another season of experiences and surprises
Standing in the doorway and we will update you As every week or two what was going on so you can be active partnersand you can read and get excited with us together for another great season.
Below is a table for round 1 :

Who must manage Roller Hockey???

During the World Cup in San Juan it was possible to see that some Newspapers and some people still doesn't know who is behind our Sport Federations. To help Rolling Together divulge the main persons  that work or "must work" to develop our Sport.

First we must know that the main Federation is FIRS, responsible to manage all Roller Sports, including Roller Hockey. FIRS has a president and President of Continental Confederation. Also FIRS has a president to each Roller Sports Committee. You can see a diagram and also each person next:
FIRS Organization

President of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)  President of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)

Sabatino Aracu
Viale Tiziano, 74
00196 Rome , Italy
Phone: 0039.063685.8543  0039.06.3685.8211
Fax: 0039.06.3685.8211
E-mail: info@rollersports.org
Website: www.rollersports.org
 <br/> Vicepresident of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)  <br/> President of African Confederation of Sports of Roller Skating (ACSRS)

President of African Confederation of Sports of Roller Skating (ACSRS)

Wendy Gila
Sinoville, 0129
0129 Sinoville , South Africa
Phone: 0027.12.5672229
E-mail: wendymay@global.co.za
 <br/> Vicepresident of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)  <br/> President of Confédération Européenne de Roller Sports (CERS)

President of Confédération Européenne de Roller Sports (CERS)

Fernando Elias Claro
Rua Antonio Pinto Machado, 60 - 3° - Sala 5
4100-068 Porto , Portugal
Phone: 351.226.099 807  351.226.099 807
Fax: 351.226.099 807
E-mail: info@cers.pt
Website: www.cers.pt

 <br/> Vicepresident of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)  <br/> President of Confederation Asia of Roller Sports (CARS)  President of Confederation Asia of Roller Sports (CARS)

Sheng Zhiguo
Tiyuguan Road Beijing, 9
100763 Chonweng District , People's Republic of China
Phone: 0086.106.714.7628
Fax: 0086.106.713.3577
E-mail: crsa_cn@163.com   cars-pek@163.com
 <br/> Vicepresident of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)  <br/> President of Oceania Confederation of Roller Sports (OCRS)  <br/> President of Sports Medicine Committee

President of Oceania Confederation of Roller Sports (OCRS)
President of Sports Medicine Committee

Patricia Wallace
PO Box 285
6208 Pinjarra , Australia
E-mail: patriciawallace@iinet.net.au
Vicepresident of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)  <br/> President of Pan-American Confederation of Roller Skating (CPRS)

President of Pan-American Confederation of Roller Skating (CPRS)

Carlos Orlando Ferreira
Calle 28 No. 25-18
Santafe de Bogota , Colombia
Phone: 57.1.3405764  57.1.3405768
Fax: 57.1.3405768
E-mail: cofp14@gmail.com
Website: www.panamericanrollers.com
 Inside FIRS there's CIRH, Roller Hockey International Committee.Like it "mother" FIRS, CIRH has a president, and president of each Continental Roller Hockey Commitee, as you can see next:

President of Comité International de Rink Hockey (CIRH)

President of Comité International de Rink Hockey (CIRH)

Harro Strucksberg
Freerbruchstr, 22
45770 Marl , Germany
Phone: 49.236514769  49.236514769
Fax: 49.236514769
E-mail: strucksberg@fh-dortmund.de

President of Roller Hockey European Commitee (CERH)

Carlos Graça
Avenida Almirante Gago Coutinho, 114
1700-032 Lisboa
Phone: + 351218411166
Fax: + 351218491919
E-mail: info@cerh.eu
Website: www.cerh.eu

President of African Roller Hockey Committee (ACRH)

Joaquim Coimbra
Avenida Almirante Gago Coutinho, 114
1700-032 Lisboa
Phone: +27 (0)11 728 9222
Fax: +27 (0)11 728 9228
Mobile: +27 (0)832666646

President of Roller Sports South American Committee (CSP)


Armando Quintanilla
Polcura N°1946 Las Condes
Santiago de Chile
Phone: +56 26659155
Fax: +56 22221641 
Mobile: +56 999957899
E-mail: aeqc2000@yahoo.com
Website: www.cspatin.org

If you have information about the Asian and Oceania Roller Hockey responsible send an email, please.

15th FIRS B World Cup held by Uruguay

Exterior of Palacio Peñarol 

During the World Cup disputed in San Juan, was decided the host country of next B World Cup to happen next year. Once again after 2002 and 2006, Uruguay will receive this competition, and the place will be the Palacio Peñarol in Montevideo.
The date of the competition will be from 22nd until 29th of September. 
The number of national teams to participate is not confirmed as always,
 but everybody hopes to see more than in Dornbirn, last 2010, 11.
Countries like:

  1. Netherlands, South Africa, England (from A World Cup) 
  2. Uruguay (host country)
  3. India, Japan, Austria, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Macao (had participated in Dornbirn)
  4. Pakistan, Ecuador, Ireland, Taiwan, Andorra, Belgium, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada (Who knows?!)
First of all the construction of a deadline/schedule to all this national teams is an important step to begin the preparation. Also all Roller Hockey fans would like to see an excellent organization, that will use all the skills available in XXI century to do the best B World Cup ever.
        Rolling Now to Prepare the Future!!
Source of news: Diario de Cuyo


Roller sports in the short list for the inclusion in the Olympic Programme

News Image Logoint.jpg
On 4th July, the IOC Executive Board approved a list of eight sports to battle for a spot on the programme of the 2020 Olympics. The eight could be shortlisted further as the process unfolds towards a decision at the 2013 IOC Session in Buenos Aires, says IOC President Jacques Rogge.Roller Sports will contend for a place in the Olympic Programme with baseball, softball, squash karate, climbing, wakeboard and wushu.
“We were not suprised at all by the news, as we perfectly know that roller sports deserve a place in the Olympic Programme. Our sports are cool, young and spectacular and we are convinced that the hard work done during the last years will produce the result we all are waiting for since a long time. We will keep on improving the standard of our events and the related communication, sure that this kind of work is what roller sports need. The only achievement that our athletes are looking for is the Olympic medal!” Sabatino Aracu FIRS President


Live streaming World Rink Hockey Championships


2011 September 24 FIRS is proud to announce that World Rink Hockey Championships will be covered on live streaming. Please go to FIRS RollersportsTV to check the schedule and remember that the Schedule is in Rome Local Time.. http://www.rollersports.org/RollerSports/upload/documents/worldbannerchampionship/Schedule_Fixture_San%20Juan2011_02_05_11.pdf

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our way to the Olympic project

Dear friends of rollersports.org,
I wish proudly update you on our way to the Olympic project: FIRS has recently integrated the questionnaire that the IOC has asked, to check our progress regarding a possible integration of our disciplines in the short list of sports, that will compete to be included in the Olympic program.
I proudly claim the right of Roller Sports to join the Olympic cycle: we have the numbers, we have the potentiality, we have the sporting spirit and the athletic value.
We will fight all the way to overturn the result of August 2009, that saw the IOC moving towards sports, that had probably more economic attractiveness: now it is undeniable that, if the Olympic movement wants really to regain a better relationship with the young people, it must involve fresh, young and dynamic disciplines as the Roller Sports.
For this reason we will continue to fight for what we believe, is the place that is rightfully ours. The coming months will see us then engaged in an intense promotion of our disciplines and therefore I ask the contribution of all of you: the strength of the Roller Sports world is in the passion that comes with us every day.

like every year, back from SportAccord, I am writing to update you on important changes, that the world of international sport is living.
During a private meeting with Mr. Jean Laurent Bourquin of the IOC Sports Department, we received compliments for the work developed by FIRS in the last year. First, they praised the web communications carried out so far, thanks to a well structured web site and an attractive layout, one of the best in the world of the Sports Federations, and have invited us to go on a, without doubt, winning way. They have also highly evaluated the activism of Roller Sports and the recognition of new disciplines and new National Federations. The IOC continually monitors the actions of the International Federations, and I am sure they cannot ignore the massive and impressive work that FIRS is achieving on several fronts to promote the values that Roller Sports are able to transmit at common and capillary levels.
In the same direction are the many meetings that have characterized our efforts in London and that have been stretched, from an institutional perspective, to keep Roller Sports in the leading international sport events. A certainly interesting meeting concerned the SportAccord World Artistic Games. The first event will take place at the end of 2012 and will involve about 800 athletes in five days of sports and entertainment, with the participation of seven sports: Figure Roller Skating, Artistic Cycling, Indoor Musical Aeronautics, Dancing, Gymnastics, Synchronised Swimming and Diving. During SportAccord, we also met the organizers of the World Games Cali 2013 and the Pan American Games Toronto 2015 to define the lines of Roller Sports participation in these two world-class sporting events.
Finally we have started a series of contacts for the promotion and the spread of Roller Sports, that will surely reach results in an intense work season. We met representatives of cities and countries interested in hosting high-level events of Roller Sports, able to attract a large and varied audience. We have also made contact with distribution agencies, that have shown a great interest in the possibility of transmitting images of roller sports by their partner.
During the elective assembly of SportAccord Mr. Verbruggen was confirmed as President; we have formulated our compliments for the work done so far and we have assured our support for his future work.

during the last World Figure Skating Championships, that were held in Portimao, both the Executive Board meeting and the FIRS Ordinary Congress took place. These moments are very important because the world of Roller Sports has the opportunity to meet and to discuss the issues, we all face daily.

The Congress of 2010 was the first, after the IOC decision not to include the Roller Sports in the Olympic program, and I thought it right to remind all delegates that our Olympic dream has not faded, but has only found an obstacle along its path. We did a lot in recent years and much is still to be done, taking into account the valuable suggestions that the IOC has given to us.

For example, it is important to enhance our international events as possible, both the World Championships and Continental Championships, ensuring a high quality standard.
Moreover, again following the suggestions of the IOC, we reaffirmed the need to highlight the brand FIRS, to increase its strength, making it more and more capable to attract sponsors and media. For the first time in this Congress, sitting in the front row, the main manufacturer of roller equipment were present as listeners. With them we have opened a dialogue based on a result-oriented cooperation, and they are ready to start an adventure with us for a successful promotion of roller sports. During the Executive Board, we agreed on a protocol for the approval of sports facilities at international level, that will allow us to provide a common technical standard for our events.

An important need emerged both during the EB and during the Congress is the importance of renewals in the Statute, that is by now outdated: for this reason, we are working on the drafting of a new version that will allow us to keep abreast of times.
Roller Sports are living a moment of great growth proved by the affiliation of new National Federations. I take this opportunity to welcome the National Federations of Congo, Gabon, Latvia, Moldova, San Marino, Uganda and United Emirates of Arabia and to announce that we have approved two new disciplines: Inline Alpine and Roller Derby. Two young and fresh disciplines, that will bring new ideas and new challenges for us all. It is important to work together so that this moment gives the best results.
A final statement: in the next few days you will probably experience some downtime on the website. We have worked hard in recent months to reorganize it both in structure and in the layout and it will be online soon with the new version.

Greeting you, I invite you to visit our website for all updating. A warm sports hug
Sabatino Aracu
FIRS President