News from Season 2011-2012

Hello everyone,
I recently received emails from fans and players who are interested about information on events in the Israeli league.
So first I apologize that I have not updated recentlyI was a little busy with my studies ...
I just found a window of opportunity where I decided to devote my entire article for you!
I hope that from now I'll put myself in a regular daywhich I will devote my time to update you on events in the Israeli league ...
New year, we celebrated all together with the families of the new hockey rink, at the setllement Beth lehem aglilit.
We had a roller-skating event in support of instructors and wandered about among the crowd,and Israeli music playing in the background....
Later in the eveningwent amazing game, of the Israel National Senior team Vs Israel youth team ... A game that drew many cheers from the audience while encouraging and best wishes of success for both groups.
Then ... 2011-2012 season has began! the season opened with some delays but with determination and tension in the air Seems the last season never really ended.
The opening game opened the Academy Group Tzur Hadassah, the Israeli State cup rink hockey for two consecutive years... the game Challenges facing a Hayogev that year over a year goes up  to the rink with new strength and a strong desire in their eyes.
Academy of Tzur Hadassah, increased quality composition, the composition of an players and an excellent goalkeeper, who does a great job (Mr. Tomer Levy).
Academy came up with an unequivocal statement of intent, they were victorious and no prospects or condition different result from victory.
On the other hand, a group Hayogev, a group with great ability, motivation, fast game system, onto the rink to try and open the season with a victory over the cup holders ...
But unfortunately it was not so, the game ends 5-2 result in favor of the Academy of Tzur Hadassah, for playing a game safestablestrong and with exceptional goalkeeper kept a clean net work almost bare, leading them to a state that all that remains now is
Place the ball in the opposing team's netand forever.
Later this week, began more good games where you could see that another season of experiences and surprises
Standing in the doorway and we will update you As every week or two what was going on so you can be active partnersand you can read and get excited with us together for another great season.
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