Round two is underway !!!

Tomorrow it happens a second time! The Spanish coach, Mr. Lucas Surio, which came in August past 08/2011, and took it upon himself to lead the Israel national team rink hockey, (youth and adults ages) came to our country to another round of training.
During last August Lucas coached the teams for two hard weeks, and went out with another 20 players on a journey towards the 2012 World Championship.
Since leaving, Lucas organized training program that give to an israeli coach, who appointed his behalf during the period would not be in the country while providing continuous reports on events and the pace of the players improve.
TodayLucas returned for another two weeks of training, he will want to check the level of the players.
In addition to the weekly Lucas will additional training and arduous as the journey to victory.
Most training will take place in the Rink of Bet lehem Agalilit Club, at the new rink.

Hereby wish everyone lots of luck in the hard workand a great experience and fun.
Happy Chanukah to all the hockey family.

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