World Championship 2012 ended!

World Championship 2012 ended!
As some of you know (those who aren't, invited to read the previous posts about the team), the Israeli team faced  in the world championship held recently in Canelones Uruguay.
The team finished the World Championship 7th place (it was the highest place ever for the israeli teams).
The team which consists of players young and old alike went on a special journey with diverse goals that you could almost say that we have achieved one by one, except for obtaining Cup course :)
Connection to a player, promotion and overlapping range of youth players are leading which will form part of the pillars of the hockey branch at the future, personal example and professional players old before young players, daily war on achieving the main goal which was initially a stumbling block for everyone ( it is the race to achieve the budget for an expedition), State representation with respect (making the most equitable Cup team competition) and professional goals of the Spanish coach Lucas sorio, who came to train a group of champions at a wonderful journey.
World Championship this year was slightly different from the rest of further championships. for the first time almost entirely games broadcast live Online at the internet !, every single day all my friends meeting beyond their home computer screen, chat together, and encourage the players as if they were in the stands with the rink. at the Other, the players also had some very major topic of current updates and photos sent countless families and fans every few hours and let us know right at any given moment how they are and what they are going through the special experience they are going through.
Responses sent coach is pretty happy and very selected, both professionally and especially personal.
Lucas says that the future of Israel will be nice, when such youth is stand up at the rinks here ... He said more than once that Israel is doing a great job, both in human development, professional and in the development of infrastructure and the number of kids and rinks that are increasing.
President of the Israel Association - Nabeel Aboud, Send a message to players that he was proud delegation cast and crew for representing the state with honor, the honorary group fair and honorable achievement both professionally and systemically.
Nabeel said  that he respects and appreciates the players on their behavior, regrettable incident occurred in front of a group of Egyptians, who decided not appeared in a game against the Israelis claim that they received an order from the Minister of Sport Egyptian (saying that does not recognize Israel as a state) not to upload field, and lose the game technically.
For more information about the case can be accessed at the following links (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3 - hebrew links ) .
You can also see the letter sent to the President of the Egyptian hockey president, in case global response and a response letter from the Chairman of the hockey in Israel, in response to the event and a letter of the President of the World CIRH (letter 1, letter 2).
We agreed you all results of the competition, the summary of the games in Israel only, and the sum of all the tournament to Stoclno impressed and updated as well:

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