Reno, the sports equipment supplier in the world, strengthens israel team by reinforcing new!

We are happy to announce the great news, came to us straight from Spain!
Reno equipment company, the vast and there are many testify that the qualitative world hockey skates sports equipment, decided to fortify the israeli team players, with new hockey Protective equipment, and gave the goalkeeper a new set of all equipment!
Those who do not know, Reno also one of the sponsors at the World Championship
to be held in Uruguay on 24-11-12.
We do not have enough words to thank the organizations and people who help the team at this wonderful journey that started yesterday morning 21/11/12.
We want to send thanks, to Alon visman for the help and mediation a Reno equipment company with the Israeli team. (Alon is a big importer of the equipment provider in Israel).
Website of - Reno company

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