New Rink for club Maalot - Back in, Big Time!

Today 6-11-2012 inaugurated a new roller hockey rink in israel for the club Maalot !
Maalot Club, one of the oldest clubs in hockey roller  in israel, back  to work with a big news! 
After the ups and downs of the sports club hockey roller at Maalot, and after a period of no match rink hockey and due to lack of manpower. thanks to the great tenacity of Amir Alfasi, and some hockey menegment members support, the hockey roller managed Amir with persistence to convince all the factors in the cost to return the operations hockey roller in Maalot !.
Those who know and those who do not, the hockey club was previously the cost of a large and powerful club, perhaps the most powerful among hockey clubs in Israel.
These are great news for hockey player in Israel, we hope and wish that the club will hysterical moments and victories and winning picked before

We all wish the club Maalot good luck!

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