Israel's national team training

Thats it, the countdown has begun, while less than a month will go into the Israeli national team players for the training camp in Argentina, before the World championship to be held in Uruguay 24-11-12. 
Team players practice every week, twice or three times, all determined by one goal! to be ready and very sharper then ever on the rink.
The players have been training, team-building, training games against the Stars League and anything that can bring them a better outcome on the rink.
the coach Lukas Sorio watch the players and review the level of the players and feel that this year will bring players inverter, and surprise the world.
The Players burn for hours and hours on the rink, to the point of exhaustion
and so with determination to improve, win, get ready as possible.
What is apparent, and nice to see on the rink is that no matter how much training will be difficult, and the power runs out, you can always see the players at the start of the next train with a smile, and feel the joy of suffering :)
All out of love.
!some pictures : Click here

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