Good luck, those days are building a New Hockey Rink

We want to wish good luck to the club Nofit the daring and rapid decision to build good hockey Rink for the settlement.
Nofit club just realized after watching the festivities hockey in recent years that hockey roller sports is attractive, interesting, exciting, and good people sweeping behind the rink.
Sector hockey skates is the third year in Israel incredible momentum.
You can see some development of existed for years in sports, maybe I would even say any another sport in Israel, thanks to amazing people who are active in nearly all voluntary basis, while demonstrating dedication, determination, and desire to give their children an education and values ​​through this sport is amazing, and the atmosphere that parents feel in the rinks, and so it is important them to help develop the roller hockey branch in israel, and that more and more children have the opertunity to enjoy this sport.
I want to tell you that on the table there are some other projects for new rinks standing in the doorway.
I'll tell you as soon as the results come in.
Thanks everyone for the helps, and may the hockey roller in Israel
will become another hockey world empire.
Good luck to all of us continued development of Sport hockey skates.

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