Israel National team, special cooperation with telecommunication company 018 !

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These days the Israeli National  team in hockey roller is almost completed for participation in the World Championship to be held on 24-11-12 Uruguay.
most of the games will be probably live in several countries in South America and we of course will update you as soon as the broadcast advertising.
Chose Israel and trained by Spanish coach - Lucas sorio - one of the best coaches in the world, brought on by a very successful cooperation between the Israel Association and Spain.
Together with senior staff of the israel, Lucas formed a unique work program (the establishment of young teams of all ages, a work plan focused clubs, training camps in Spain, promoting contact with clubs in the world, etc.), which sets targets to 10 years ahead.
Greatly increased level of the players, even a player completed military service (Uri Lirman), along with a young goalkeeper at 17 years old (Rotem Ben-Eliezer) - already reaping the fruits of ties and play in tha Spainsh league!
And like all good things  - we could see the main issue that Leads all forwards, education through hockey. The Seniors players  that few years ago had been young players, now coaches the biggest clubs, and managed the community relations \ education - through the hockey roller.
Those players are the ones playing and represent theIsraeli senior team, and now they have even more reason to smile 018 The internet service provider (ISP) and international calls operator, sponsorship Israeli Roller Hockey National team.
After company officials see a representative team pride, education and values. "018 actually represent much of what we - the players and members of the this brunch - believe it. A young company, with vision, with excellent service and personal attention to each client.
There are many parents who come to us with excitement and talk about how much the hockey change their kids life, even Off the rink. Values ​​to which we adhere, along with excellence, helping the community and a constant desire to improve - all of which permeate the young players and in the end of the day - we are reaping the rewards ... "018 did a great thing by believing in us. We know how difficult it is today to donate funds for sponsoring successful companies, and certainly not for sport gets a lot of exposure. But the confidence of the 018 built, another will give many fruits, because that is already starting to be interested in hockey roller, have conversations about television broadcasts, team - train by the Spanish "artist" - lucas sorio, and many more surprises. No doubt that those who believed in us today - will benefit greatly in the near future collaborator very interesting ... "
"The young team players have a distinct advantage - they are linked to the old players who actually take them by the hand and give them the keys to the door which they themselves entered not long ago when they were children, along with the vision, and the best way you can think of.
"We did not have such support, so results were predictable." Today we are with international experience, some of the players after the 4-5 World Championships, safe future of this sport lies in good hands ... "
More and more companies and businesses expressing interest in Israel next big thing - hockey roller sport!, which will help without a doubt a great growth. Together with appropriate budget from the state - we are likely to see a fascinating sport, fast and most important - an educational vision tadpole-class values​​.

Successful team!

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