Inauguration Event - new hockey rink skates Nofit village 15.12.12

"Boy you're the world"

For this intended and directed the management of the hockey branch leaders, a few years ago when they decided to join them all for one purpose: developing sport hockey skates - and imparting education and values ​​to children and youth through hockey.
Analogy "boy you are the world" went live with the perception of the world has changed and they realized that the most, which will be invested resources are children and youth, as well as all Rink Hockey New born-"getting the title of" child "- are novelty of the occasion, and as a child in the future he will industry with new kids hockey skates, they give themselves the values ​​and heritage education.
Yesterday 15/12/12, inaugurated Rink Hockey New at settlement Nofit
Residents of the community Nofit, players club and dear families, club manager nofit - Alon Vizman, director of the sports section Mr. Danny Elimelech, the Committee settlement, the council chief Zvulun Mr. Dov Yeshurun, and all those people who gave a hand and helped and helped raise project hockey rink new gangs.
Association of Israel and the hockey skates
Want to thank you very much for your contribution to promoting the hockey roller sport in Israel!
May the joy and satisfaction you will get your loved residents, players and children, and the hockey rink not rest a moment.
Thank you for the wonderful hockey tournament in honor of Chanukah children U11 and hosting the first traditional Hanukkah Tournament .
Wish your rink produce fruit and Israeli teams hockey players ever!

Inauguration ceremony video pitch and a huge show of flying Zevulun quotation fund managed by Goren and coach Chen

Video of flying Haifa - Adi Tamar & Yael speech Zevulun Regional Council - Dov Yeshurun

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