Summary year words from Israel chirman roller hockey Association

 Hello Dears,

Up to fifteen months before today, was in Israel one proper hockey Rinks!
By January 2013, documented to be Six standard and proper Rinks for hockey roller!
Israel National team, right one moment befor Uruguay World Championship.
Behind these two parameters,  is doing a bunch of people, who volunteer, and view with a common vision.
All those special people who have invested their time, all their energies, in many different ways, all to build sport in Israel Even though the task seems nearly impossible.
At the same time is thinking how can you become more efficient, improve, learn to change, and sometimes the way though are also mistakes that a person standing on the side seem puzzling.
Just these cases I say to myself, "Those who do not do, have no mistakes" - and thankfully we do!
I remind myself dealing with the work, do it in addition to and beyond the personal work and good intentions,
so instead of moving reviews, I always think how and where we can help.
Two years ago, when we wrote our goals and our vision, we looked like a bunch of lunatics dream.
But in reality, the league has grown the number of players, we have lots more hockey rinks, we trained youth guides and judges, the level of our players has improved with a Spanish coach help, we set up a great country championships, and will Take part in world championships 2012 for seniors, all this while building a framework of values ​​and education for our chilldren.
We continue to dream for a mass of small children on wheels, for doubling the team number at all Leagues in two years from today, prepare more judges and coaches, young and old, and to host a World Championship in Israel very soon...
Therefore, I invite all of you, parents, coaches, referees, and players to take part in the work
Industry's unique hockey roller Israel.
I wish we have a year of continued joint action.
Years of cooperation, tolerance, safety and peace between all those involved in the industry and beyond.

Udi Gedanken
Chairman, Israel Roller Hockey Association

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