U.S.A Won The world championship For Group B

With a 5-1 win over South Africa, defending champion United States won again in the Dornbirn Ballsporthalle gold at the roller hockey B World Championships. After a half time lead of 3-1 by the Americans using their opportunities and built their lead even further. They acted excellent in defense. By lock and frequent victories they have achieved over the whole World Cup a lot of goals. Also, the preliminaries, the Americans decided to side against South Africa 7-6 for themselves. Silver and bronze secure South Africa and the Netherlands. The Orange team was 4-3 against Austria in the shootout. These three teams to get into the Group A

Finishes 40th B World Cup in Dornbirn:
1. USA
2. South Africa
3. Netherlands
4th Austria5. Macao
6. Uruguay
7. Egypt
8. Australia
9. New Zealand
10. Israel
11. Japan
12. India

Israel  Final Scores

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