Hockey academy youth selected team is going to play and practice in an amazing hockey tournament in Germany next marc!!!

Hockey academy is one of the best place to play and learn how to play roller hockey in israel.

The academy opened 4 years ago (2006) in the center and south of israel and managed by 2 of the best players and coaches in israel – Radan Reis and Lior Uliel.

This year, they have chosen the best 8 players and 2 goalkeepers to be in selected team going to Germany. "this is a dream come true for us, to lead a team from our area for the first time ever, to participate in such an amazing tournament. We are working hard every year, trying to develop training techniques and the cooperation with the world is very important to the hockey in israel.

We hope this trip will give our talented players a taste of the great hockey that there is in the world. We all very excited and waiting to be on the plain already".

The tournament will be in Hanover – Germany, along with teams from Germany, Holland and Israel.

We wish the hockey academy team good luck! Go and win!!

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