B-Cup 2010 in Dornbirn - the logo is already!
For the largest roller hockey event that it ever was in Austria, preparations in full swing. A six-member organizing committee stands for Pool B of 23.10. until 30.10.2010 Dornbirn and is completely responsible to the work on schedule. In the new exhibition and ball sports where the games are played, is a very good infrastructure exists, which is the preparatory work benefit. In the hall will be played on the parquet, the bleachers can be extended and provide seating for about 1,000 spectators. At the Games, the Austrians, the hall is bursting at the seams, there is optimism in the run, but this World Cup will be a rolling advertisement for the sport of hockey in Vorarlberg and Austria. 
As in many other countries to fight in Austria for the recognition of roller hockey's and the organizers want to take all the clubs in the duty not to let a unique opportunity to escape to run advertising on their own cause. In many schools Roller Hockey performed demonstrations, it will also provide young people with specific actions and tries to bring the sport to follow the World Cup LIVE. 
It tries everything to give the gray facade of the new roller hockey sports glory. 
World Cup logo 
The World Cup logo is already designed in the round circle symbolizes the globe and roller hockey ball. The color red, and white letters indicate the Austrian flag. The roller hockey player in the background stands for our sport. 
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