Israel Children Olympics 2012, Ages U14

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It started in the morning.... at the Wingate Institute....  gathered between 6000 !!! Boys and girls, in a variety of sports, in differents ages, and after blessing the Sports Minister of israel - Limor Livnat, and march to the participating authorities (78 authorities from across the country), each  branch His facility cleared to start the game tool.
There were four games. All the games shown to viewers that rink hockey exist !, they gave us a taste from the best level league in our country - U14 League.
The first semi-final, won Tzur Hadassah Club (Academy of hockey skates) the club Ramat Yishai exceptionally good game of two 4-2clubs.
The second game Alona Binyamina Vs Bialik Club, finished at score 5-1 for alona, after Bialik well closed and breaking out very good.
On a 3-4, game between Bialik and Ramat Yishai finished in 6-1 to Bialik, showing great ability of all players, especially the goalkeepers.
At the Final of this turnament - met (again) Alona Binmina and Tzur Hadassah.
The game was amazing...(this is the second game that day the two clubs) The Rate was crazy and it seemed that the cup had been promised to the winners did the trick ...
Dedication, the peak capacity of the too goalkeepers, keeping pressure one very pitch, remarkable personal ability (Europe, we've already said?) - No, not about adult game but the game's super talented youths of Israel's leading clubs.
Exemplary organization, full cooperation, and proper preparation - have created an electrifying atmosphere of hockey - who gave an experience every person who was in (a facility - the dream of anyclub).
Alona Binyamina won the final 5-2 against Tzur Hadassah and raised the cup!  Well done.
May there be more such events like this, which bring much exposure \ respectfor our sport, Rink Hockey.
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What a nice news!! I am really happy for ISrael roller hockey evolution!! Keep the good work