ISRAEL Build New Hockey Rink

I'm happy to tell the world that after a lot of efforts and a big investment, We began to build a new Rink Hockey With A Roof !
This week began construction of additional parking for club hockey roller, Ramat Yishai !
Ramat Yishai club is existence for years, and practicing in a poor field-level asphalt,
The club turned a lot of times local and regional councils request for assistance in the development of our sports... but was refused each time.
Today, after innumerable requests and intense pressure from the club manager and the mayor will call Ofer Ben-Eliezer whose two sons are active in the hockey roller, we began building a field waiting for all years !
This is another day of celebration, filled with happiness and joy to the heart, all in the hockey family ...

Hoping for more mayors take an example!
the begining :) 

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