saturday morning 21-5-2011
Another Saturday, another Saturday of Hockey Rollerararar ... Saturday morning, 21-5-2011, a day of sun *and exciting hockey games, who need more then it tell...! So this season still bring a surprises ! Something that we watched, and would not think would can happen ... Group from Maalot met the players of Qiryat Bialik for an amazing league game.
As normal and usual, Maalot opened the game with advantage of 4-1 immidiatlly at the first minutes of the game. But please note! Actually already in the first half Bialik players were compare and reduce the advantage! And did the unbelievable!!!
Bialik group were confuse them and get them out from organized and peace of mind for some minute. Whenever maalot increased advantage, immediately and passed a minute or two, that Bialik reduced the advantage and turned the wheel for their own good! every minute goals went all over net.
Maalot players entered for fear and stress for lose the game (reminder: Group Maalot without any loss in the league this year, they known an unwavering and pronouns group). So, What you think happened??? Yes, yes, yes,  they did it guys ! Kiryat Bialik group won Maalot.
Just a game does not look like him all year (maybe even the last two years). Awesome game, On the field was also excited the crowd and all around ...
You could not download your eyes off from the field for a moment, otherwise you could miss an interesting moment. All that remains is simply to note Bialik just wanted it! And it would seem closer to the last few minutes and it seemed higher chances, so they wanted it more ... And so was my friends... Bialik won! 9-8.
*Immediately after the exciting game on the rink, were no less interesting game and I was say a good hockey game notes!
Bet-lehem aglailit group met again Hayogev Group for Nataional Cup qualifier.
 Wonderfull game! It was a pleasure to watch from the side, or actually play as player :) The game opened with Bet-lehem group advantage, Bet-lehem showed determination and control over all game Which led to a kind of despair is easy for Hayogev group, knowing that the war is hard and seems that the defeat is at the doorway. And that was it, the game Score was 8-3 in favor of Bet-lehem.
*Finally my friends, one more surprised. for the last game met Nofit With Ramat ishay on the rink.
for all over the season, if you ask me, i would told you then that Ramat ishay win the game without any suspection. But, and you could geuss now, Nofit continue their new way... way of winners... they came with just One purpose, to Win ! and that was the result, they won 5-3.
the game was definitely perfect for Nofit... It seems that a group of Ramat Yishai undergoing a period of crisis, I hope they go out for it cause the season is about to end, and the Cup games already in the doorway.
Here you have some links for some minutes from Nofit Vs Ramat ishay game. 

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