Academy of skates against Ramat Yishai 04/30/2011

Last Saturday was a fun game, the Academy Group Vs Ramat Yishai, the academy opened the game with an edge and sense of triumph, somewhere even moments of pleasure on the field following the result, but on the other hand Ramat Yishai players fought on every ball, and every minute on the field, and showed determination and ambition and minutes in the second half managed to reduce the result ...The highlight of the game was when just a minute and a half ahead of me ending up Ramat Yishai advantage of 10-9, the Academy players slight madness came and tried to reduce the luxury ... And the got lucky ! due to foul penalty whistle of Ramat Yishai. 
Lior Uliel went to bat, tipped the score to 10-10 !!! and one more fun game ended in a draw. 
It would certainly be exciting and unexpected, but it seems that there is a strange phenomenon of the repetition of such events in the Academy of skates ... They cost advantage and then in the second half miss it... Anyway good luck to everyone.
I enclose you some videos of the game where you can enjoy a good quality video and angle.

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