Senior league 2011, Nothing is Known and couldn't be foresee

Saturday we had some good hockey plays in Israel .... Various groups continue to make this season the most exciting Israeli league history.
yesterday 14-5-2011 9:00 am, met Bet-lehem aglilit players with Hockey Academy Group again! (remind you the previous game ended in a draw 7-7).
The game started with advantage to Academy group which put the players group of Bet-lehem in defensive situated at the first half of the game ... After half stretches and tight, Bet-lehem came the second half of highly motivated and a strong desire in the eye to take this game at all costs...
At first it seemed that the control passed into their hands, but after several minutes of control, the Academy players invest the few powers left to them on the rink and take advantage.
Bet lehem were return once again but received another goal...
The Score was 6-6, but in the last moments Academy players put another goal 7-6, and immediately another goal 8-6 and signed an end to this game! 
Good game Bet-lehem, Academy players, Well done!

Immediately after the game came on the Rink Ramat Yishai group against players from Hayogev ... Reminder Ramat Yishai is the 2nd place league table with 12 points and Hayogev group rank last! With 5 points ...Before the Game, I had to replace several words with the captain Hayogev (Shiran Duvdevani) and just felt, and I saw in his ayes that he came to win this game! And so was my friends! Immediately upon the opening, the game start with supriseee Hayogev players puts Goal Goal Goal Goalllll... more Just like a machine that wants to take revenge!!!
Ramat Yishai players did not understand where this determination was the players who are standing in front of them on the rink, it seems that they came with a little euphoria and disregard.
The game ended 8-2 in favor of group Hayogev! Well done my friends! Good luck!

You thought we were done??? you have mistake! third and final game of this weekend, first it came head to head family Wizman, captains, and brothers, 
David and Alon. David play at Kiryat Bialik that ranked 3rd place
in the table with 9 points and Nofit ranked at the last in the table (place 6) with 6 points.
Kiryat Bialik came with one clear objective! They won this game!
But surprise, surprised indeed for everybody, it was not so... Nofit  group, led by alon Wizman (celebrating a birthday on the rink ) have decided to show everyone that Rink Hockey is an interesting game, game with lots of drama and tension and that nothing is known and written in advance!
The game started tight and stretching ... But not for long, just a few minutes later, Nofit went 2-1 with a goal advantage, Alon Wizman hit an amazing birthday goal :)) and then they put one more! and the game was finished , 3-1 in favor of Nofit.
So tell me you ... There is something obviously the league this year? Someone could tell me who will be the champion?? Who will hold the Cup????

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What a nice post!!!You should start to write to some newspaper about roller hockey ;)

:) Thanks man !
I think about it :)
Before our final 4 i promise to do that.

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