Israeli league hockey skates continues to do Revolusionsss

Saturday 28-5-2011, Qiryat Bialik Rink, 4 Groups, 3 Games ....
Last weekend we were pleasantly Cup qualifying league games in the best home Rink, Qiryat Bialik ...  First we opened the weekend with a nice game for the Cup qualifier, Group Maalot met Ramat Yishai group, Two groups allegedly leading the Israeli league table.
The game this time did not bring surprises, maalot came to the game after the
Loss against a group of Qiryat Bialik with poison in their eyes, and a statement of that they did not go off the rink, with a loss, no matter what!!!
They went up the rink with a lot of determination and only one purpose, focused on Victory! , And so it was, the game was clearly right ! Maalot dominated for most minutes Of the game, the dismay of Ramat Yishai actually fell revenge on them and the result showed 12-4 in favor of  Maalot.
Tomorrow, Saturday morning, met on the rink Bet-lehem group for a league game against a group from Nofit.
Nofit, came with a sequence of win games, with security and consolidation (after the birthday celebration was held with the participation of all the players ) and intending to continue the sequence of  victories
Road that moving forward in the last monthIn contrast Group Bet-lehem, who also won the previous game with cup qualifier Hayogev group, came with the will of another win, a feeling that's not enough and

The road is still long and difficult, and should give their heart and sufficient to reach the fame. and indeed this is what happened. the Players seemed that Bet-lehem will come with boldness
They Does not look every day on the rink. They had a desire for the victory, hungry exiles, pushed to get what they deserve! Actually, Bet-lehem began the game with a sense that they were going to lose the victory, Due to nofit play good . but at the first half the players were a little determination and Poison in the eye and decided that they did not give up and at the first half they don't finished the first half without a tie at least. Yes, it was, the result was 3-3. 
the war on the victory did not stop until almost the last seconds of the game, the result was 5-5, minutes to the end, but Ofer Elkin took the ball and carried out an attack super critical, and resolved The game 6-5 in favor of the Bet-lehem group .... Respect Bet Lehem !
Finally, met them a ride back, but this time in league games, a group Maalot against a group of Ramat YishaiFriends, no doubt, Maalot is a group that learning from mistakes, and stumbles probably more than once! The game on Saturday just showed everyone what is a single control! for all the Israeli league... Game was completely transparent, both in terms of performance, control, form a game, a connection between players, goals, needless to say and looks just a perfect play ! Maalot after the game that actually signed the Israeli champion hockey skates for year 2011! Therefore, no other groups in the league have enough games to get Accumulated number of points of the game was basically stating that they are the champions!!! 
Maalot, It was nice to watch your games all the year, and it seems we all have more to learn from you!
The game ended 9-4 in favor of Maalot.

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