Final 4 - 25-05-2013 Seniors

You are welcome to enjoy watching a game
from the final game at the Final 4 2013 turnament.
City Nofit, the new hockey rink, date - 25-05-2013
Ramat Ishay Vs Nofit
Final game brought a lot about 600-700 spectators who filled
The stands, filled the walls, fences, and around the corner.
Final event was a real happening, booths, giant puppets, fireworks, Instances of artistic skating, music, flags ... In short Real hockey holiday spirit!
The game was filmed and broadcast live! the first time in the history of hockey skates industry Sports Channel!
You invited to enjoy the experience to being and we hope you continue to take place each year as Tournament trophy wonderful tradition.
See you in 2014 with a season of surprises and events that will make you perish continue to love life :)

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