Israeli National teams begin their journey!

Hello everyone,
Yesterday written another page in the history of the israel hockey, when there was the first meeting of a professional team of selected coaches in Israel.
Lior Uliel- professional manager of the teams presented and congratulated the team coaches and spread them on the vision, goals, and the professional program.
The atmosphere was exciting said Lior, one could sense that despite many years of experience - the team also excited and could not wait to get started.
Up ideas and the meeting was successful. It is also important to note that all clothing is ready for you players, and yesterday received professional team clothing compatible, consistent training equipment for everyone, especially the lot of motivation to start.
good luck to everyone!
* Present at the meeting: Lior Uliel, Pol Shneidman, Tomer Levy, Radan Rise, Dori Raz, Marcelo Bendersky.
We also are pleased to announce the teams selected training
Teams in Israel :
No doubt the selected teams are the best currently transporting project from the perspective of a professional manager Lior Uliel. However, there may be changes uppon what happens on the ground (hard work will begin and the level of commitment of the coaches will be reviewed in accordance with the personal life and seriousness).
Israel's national training team u20: Marcelo Bendersky and Radan Rise (Head coach Marcello)
Israel's national training team u17: Lior Uliel and Doron Raz (Lior Head coach)
Israel's national training team u15: Lior Uliel and Shiran Duvdevani (Lior Head coach)
Coach Goalkeepers: Tomer Levi.
Selected Director: Pol Shneidman
Have all successfully! There is lots and lots of work. We believe you will succeed in a big way!

Some Pictures : Click Here !

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