Moment before the greatest moment in their lives

Today, 10 players, two coaches and one manager experience the next big moment in their lives.
17 years Israel has participated in the European Championships hockey skates (since 1996 in Portugal) this year returns Israel to compete at the European Youth, more determined, stronger, more experienced and this time with the target and goals to achieve victories and achievements.
Israeli team this year was soooo different, the team include a team manager, director of professional goalkeepers coach, world-class training, formulation, great support from the parents, full backups from the Spanish coach Lucas Sorio behind the scenes, not least intensive training camps, and war on any place team.
We are confident that the guys knew make the most of, to learn, to experience, especially to win!
European championships is among the difficult championships, because this championship does not split like the World Series rate A. All the participating teams in the world and rank in the top 16 teams participating slightly less.
The open championship opening game of Israel and Portugal! Game that may be the most difficult of the Israelis. Portugal is a group which holds quite a few in title in this championship in recent years (1-2-3 arrived) and is considered one of the strongest teams in hockey skates.
We hope the Israelis will come prepared and determined to learn quickly the opposing team on the field, and they knew to do the best on the rink, as known law say ever say never "never even outcome can be predicted in advance, If players come to win, with a goal quite clear to themselves, all with the desire, ambition, formulation, faith!
The sky is the limit .... So come on friends, let's try, maximum we succeed .... Together we will win! :)
Good luck and great team players!

more pictures from the israeli trains

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