Javier Xir (c)


Israel Final 4 2012 Ramat Ishay Rink

Final Cup, Roller Hockey, Ramat Ishay Rink, which won Nofit group, and won the National Cup for the 2012 year, was special event!

Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Javier Xir (c)


Israel Final 4 2011 Bet Lehem Aglilit Rink

Final Cup, Roller Hockey, Beth lehem agalilit Rink, which won the Academy Tzur Hadassah group, and won the National Cup for the 2011 year, was amazing event!

Hoquei em patins melhor de sempre

"The champions of Europe in hockey are from Gijón "

Although at this time of year is not news in the hockey world, it seemed interesting to note.

Skate Club Roller Hockey Biesca female (the current champions of Europe) participated in the Third Edition of the Queen's Cup Championship in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, were the cover of Interviu, a famous Spanish magazine Variety, posing nude.
On his report in interviu have stated: If we posed at interview and is in addition to promoting our sport so that people in Spain know that the champions of Europe in hockey are from Gijón " . But the note is full of phrases to show the spirit of these athletes, such as: "And yes, we will go. Because we are so authentic and fun, nothing puts us ahead. Do you understand now why in Asturias get up more passion than Fernando Alonso ?. ""Who said that only the Catalan know this sport?" , asks the concierge Teresa Uxía. "They will have more resources and means, but the princesses of the four wheels is us. The courage, commitment and enthusiasm we do not win one , "Judgement Maria Fernandez, a leader of the group and for his wit and spontaneity never goes unnoticed. "But how can we win all the titles in these hot body we have. The blue and red tide of our team is in! " Leticia screams Inestal defense.
Except for the goalkeeper, Germany's Christina Kleine, the best in the world to receive a per diem to pay for your apartment, the rest of the team is just amateur and pay the 23 Euros a month from his club to play, even your best player Natasha Lee Suarez, 19 years, scoring the team for 5 years, not salary.
Beyond its cover in the magazine Interviu, which I appreciate all men, is a clear example of how far you can reach with desire, hard work and esfurzo, despite not having the resources at their disposal elsewhere. We can always complain and give up, it's easier, but to succeed you have to give everything a little more.
These are the names of the champions:
• Natasha Lee Suarez. Malaysia 19. Lead
• Christina Kleine. Germany, 28. Portera.
• Teresa Uxia. Oviedo, 22. Portera.
• Ainhoa ​​Garcia. Gijón, 19. Defense.
• Leticia Inestal. Gijón, 20 years. Defense.
• Barbara Garcia. Gijón, 19. Front.
• María Fernández. Gijón, 23. Front.

Israel Rink Hockey in a development and promotio
In recent months, so we recruit more workers. Want to acquire a trade or another job with high incomes??
Register now to a unique course and gives safe work throughout all the year's activities.
Goal: To train judges in hockey skates.
Date: 08/07/2011 (day concentrated). 
Time: 22:00 to 15:00 Total 7 hours.
Place: Alona Regional, in a class room+ experiment Gym.
Requirements: The course is designed for men and women starting at age 16 and over, Medical certificate to good health, complete attendance throughout the time of the meeting.
Cost: 400 Nis, including receiving equipment and outfit.

Registration is already underway hurry and register.

further information, contact the responsible

Nir Shani :  050-7139595 niko86@walla.co.il   ofer1240@gmail.com          
Any other Q you could send me Email or call:  0522660263
    Impressions: www.rinkhockeyinisrael.blogspot.com

End Ceremony season of 2011 Hockey skates

International Sad day for Rink hockey players, Funs, Families etc'...

Disaster occurred this morning at the hockey club in Germany - Bison.
A fire broke out this morning at the wonderful and amazing club Bison Germany.  a worker (volunteer) Local, help in renovation and maintenance of the building, and an iron Welding sparks flying into the timber and made ​​a break of a fire, which led to inconceivable consequences for understanding.
The attempt of forces, to reach by opening the front of the fire had not been successful :( . Meanwhile, the flames from the roof, the firefighters had their fire trucks to safety. Hundreds of volunteers are used, among other things, the turntable ladder from Bad Munder, and a large crane in the Hanover Fire Department requested for reinforcement. Already, however, is certain: the hall is beyond repair.

Israel announced that they will support any and everything to help the promotion and renewal of the club!

In addition Israel pick up "many collection" from players and fans of our country and send the money to try for help a little .
Germanys, Friends, be strong, we and the whole world with you and for you!
Hope with you everything is back to normal soon.
For details and more pictures:

Next Station Madrid, Spain

Israel Players and Staff presented in Spain (Source: Facebook)

Israel Roller Hockey doesn't stop and after an amazing weekend with a big victory of Academia in Israel Cup, the young players traveled to Spanish Summer Camp.
After the participation, last year, in a Portuguese tournament, the strategy of roller hockey development in Israel keep the same, and the interaction with the best roller hockey schools is part of it.
So the players went to play and learn with CLUB PATIN ALAMEDA DE OSUNA, a team from the college ALAMEDA DE OSUNA, in Madrid.

With this kind of initiatives, soon Israel will start to have conditions to present young teams in International Competions like World Cup, or Euro Cup, because is important to not forget that Israel has autoriziation to play in Europe Competitions, and also CERH's clubs Competitions...

Maalot and Hockey Academy play tomorrow for Israel Cup

Israel Cup Final Four started today with a lot of emotion and roller hockey quality.
At the "new" Bet Lehem aglilit rink (after a big renovation), everybody was expecting for good matches. Beyond the semifinals there were some important facts. For example the council of the city was presented and gave some promisses to roller hockey fans, concerning the "new" rink.
Also a big marketing campaign about the final 4 has been done during this two days, with a lot of gifts... All this work had the important support of Otzma Association and Ayellet Association. Without them and also all the staff there wouldn't exist such important Cup.

And of course the most important part, all the players are essential, and they gave today their best to reach the Final. The results were the next ones:
Bet lehem aglili 6-11 Maalot
Hockey Academy 5-2 Nofit 
So tomorrow the Israel Cup Trophy will be disputed between:
 Maalot Vs Hockey Academy
 at 18:45
Even the teams that lost today, don't go home earlier, and also will play tomorrow against each other:
Bet lehem vs Nofit at 16:30.
A lot of surprises are expected for the final match, and the organization is sure that this Cup is one of the most successful Israel tournaments until today.
It is proved that Israel has everything to grow in this sport, but of course we need your help.
Tomorrow you are invited to support Israel Roler Hockey. All the day at Bet Lehem aglilit rink