"The champions of Europe in hockey are from Gijón "

Although at this time of year is not news in the hockey world, it seemed interesting to note.

Skate Club Roller Hockey Biesca female (the current champions of Europe) participated in the Third Edition of the Queen's Cup Championship in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, were the cover of Interviu, a famous Spanish magazine Variety, posing nude.
On his report in interviu have stated: If we posed at interview and is in addition to promoting our sport so that people in Spain know that the champions of Europe in hockey are from Gijón " . But the note is full of phrases to show the spirit of these athletes, such as: "And yes, we will go. Because we are so authentic and fun, nothing puts us ahead. Do you understand now why in Asturias get up more passion than Fernando Alonso ?. ""Who said that only the Catalan know this sport?" , asks the concierge Teresa Uxía. "They will have more resources and means, but the princesses of the four wheels is us. The courage, commitment and enthusiasm we do not win one , "Judgement Maria Fernandez, a leader of the group and for his wit and spontaneity never goes unnoticed. "But how can we win all the titles in these hot body we have. The blue and red tide of our team is in! " Leticia screams Inestal defense.
Except for the goalkeeper, Germany's Christina Kleine, the best in the world to receive a per diem to pay for your apartment, the rest of the team is just amateur and pay the 23 Euros a month from his club to play, even your best player Natasha Lee Suarez, 19 years, scoring the team for 5 years, not salary.
Beyond its cover in the magazine Interviu, which I appreciate all men, is a clear example of how far you can reach with desire, hard work and esfurzo, despite not having the resources at their disposal elsewhere. We can always complain and give up, it's easier, but to succeed you have to give everything a little more.
These are the names of the champions:
• Natasha Lee Suarez. Malaysia 19. Lead
• Christina Kleine. Germany, 28. Portera.
• Teresa Uxia. Oviedo, 22. Portera.
• Ainhoa ​​Garcia. Gijón, 19. Defense.
• Leticia Inestal. Gijón, 20 years. Defense.
• Barbara Garcia. Gijón, 19. Front.
• María Fernández. Gijón, 23. Front.

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