International Sad day for Rink hockey players, Funs, Families etc'...

Disaster occurred this morning at the hockey club in Germany - Bison.
A fire broke out this morning at the wonderful and amazing club Bison Germany.  a worker (volunteer) Local, help in renovation and maintenance of the building, and an iron Welding sparks flying into the timber and made ​​a break of a fire, which led to inconceivable consequences for understanding.
The attempt of forces, to reach by opening the front of the fire had not been successful :( . Meanwhile, the flames from the roof, the firefighters had their fire trucks to safety. Hundreds of volunteers are used, among other things, the turntable ladder from Bad Munder, and a large crane in the Hanover Fire Department requested for reinforcement. Already, however, is certain: the hall is beyond repair.

Israel announced that they will support any and everything to help the promotion and renewal of the club!

In addition Israel pick up "many collection" from players and fans of our country and send the money to try for help a little .
Germanys, Friends, be strong, we and the whole world with you and for you!
Hope with you everything is back to normal soon.
For details and more pictures:

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