Maalot and Hockey Academy play tomorrow for Israel Cup

Israel Cup Final Four started today with a lot of emotion and roller hockey quality.
At the "new" Bet Lehem aglilit rink (after a big renovation), everybody was expecting for good matches. Beyond the semifinals there were some important facts. For example the council of the city was presented and gave some promisses to roller hockey fans, concerning the "new" rink.
Also a big marketing campaign about the final 4 has been done during this two days, with a lot of gifts... All this work had the important support of Otzma Association and Ayellet Association. Without them and also all the staff there wouldn't exist such important Cup.

And of course the most important part, all the players are essential, and they gave today their best to reach the Final. The results were the next ones:
Bet lehem aglili 6-11 Maalot
Hockey Academy 5-2 Nofit 
So tomorrow the Israel Cup Trophy will be disputed between:
 Maalot Vs Hockey Academy
 at 18:45
Even the teams that lost today, don't go home earlier, and also will play tomorrow against each other:
Bet lehem vs Nofit at 16:30.
A lot of surprises are expected for the final match, and the organization is sure that this Cup is one of the most successful Israel tournaments until today.
It is proved that Israel has everything to grow in this sport, but of course we need your help.
Tomorrow you are invited to support Israel Roler Hockey. All the day at Bet Lehem aglilit rink

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