Israeli hockey training camp in Vilanova-Barcelona

 On 10-4-2011 a group of players, ages U-17 will host
in the club Villanova-Barcelona for training camp...
For the first time Israeli group hosted a training camp in Spain.
At the Past two years, Israel is making great efforts to promote and raise the level of the players and coaches. Decision to go to training camp is an excellent decision. I think about the benefit that will be wonderful for the beginning of cooperation, Learning techniques for players and coaches from a leading Spanish club could bring significant changes for us.
We hope that this is the beginning of a journey through various causes, one of them is to try to win  the World Championship for rank B.
The top of the Journey from my opinion is that there are three girls who will play for the first time in their lives in a local team girls, who made ​​up only from girls !!! 
*Something they did not get to do their own country because there is not group that composed only of girls in our country yet.
We want to wish you a safe journey and lots of hockey and learning, come back with a lot of knowledge :)   Good Luck Guys !!!

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