Israel Classification program excellence

Last Saturday's were held excellent Classifications program in rink hockey in israel for 14-17 age. under the direction of Radan Reis and Shiran Duvdevani. About 18 players and 6 goalkeepers were tested, and try to ensure their place and to learn for improve their ability to achieve professional and personal manner while a small number of years to become Israel's national team hockey.

Excellent program was established to promote the Israeli hockey, with the aim that one day the young of today and tomorrow will face the top hockey world championships and promote objective in hosting a world championship!
Should be noted that these initial tests and may differ, future staff and players could changed.
Here you could watch some of their tests and get a taste of the material to be creative...

Movie 1   Movie 2   Movie 3   Movie 4   Movie 5   Movie 6   Movie 7   Movie 8   Movie 9                                                Movie 10   Movie 11   Movie 12   Movie 13  

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What an amazing job.This is the right way to improve ou roller hockey!!Go ahead Israel