Rolling Thunder Girls in Israel ----Tel Aviv, Israel INFO NIGHT!
Rolling Thunder Girls - the first roller derby league in the holy land 
is taking its first steps, and you can be one of the first girls to join us!
We invite anyone who's interested, or think they might be interested, 
to join us at our first meeting! We will give you all the information you need
on the sport and our league, plus all the details about joining the Rolling Thunder Girls.

No experience necessary! We don't care about your weight, height, 
fitness level and when was the last time you skated (or in some cases, 
if you ever skated at all). Everybody is welcome!

We want players, ref on wheels (quad/inlines) and NSO (non skating officials) - 
there are plenty of ways you can help without skating, and plenty of room for those
not fortunate enough to be a girl :) Come to the meeting and see how
you can join and help the league, too.

The meeting is on Sunday, 8pm @ the Rogatka bar. TELL YOU FRIENDS!
Please, feel free to post on the wall any questions you might have!

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