Israel Nationals Teams

Now it's officially releasedthe Israel nationals teams set out and begin their journey to a world championship 2012.
This yeararrives (tomorrowto Israel from Spain, professional coachMr. Lucas Soriowho took it upon himself to lead the players to a new waywith a clear goal. Ratings table top competition.
The Senior team will begin the first training on Saturday 13-8-11 at 8:30 am, at the new hockey Rink constructed in Beth lehem aglilit.
Youth Teamwill begin the journey of her training the day after 14-8-11 Sunday at 20:00.
Children Team will be set up in August and will also start their journey... Give exact details later.
On this occasion I would like to wish success to all of usand thank Lucas for the correctness and faith ... I personally and my colleagues are confident that We will not let him Disappointed.
Good luck!
Photosvideosinterviewsexperiencesand other information upload here later on.

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