Saturday 12/02/2011 Israel Senior Rink Hockey League

On Saturday 12/02/2011 were held the fourth cycle of the senior Rink Hockey League.
First we opened the morning with a fun game of thte Academy skates against the group from Hayogev, the game started tight and stretches throughout the first half, although it seemed that Hayogev showed a strong determination and desire to go out with a victory, the Academy "picked up a glove" and went up a 8-4, and it was very difficult to go back ... The game eventually ended 8-5 for the Academy .
Later, was another game of the Bet lehem group against group from Maalot, the game started very active and the two groups with rapid and strong (a condition characterized by great games against a group of Maalot) Maalot opened with a beautiful goals and together with many situations that goalkeeper Bet lehem Group managed to prevent some but not all, sometimes ... goalkeeper of both teams gave a great game, Bet lehem fighting for their dignity to the last game but it seemed they needed a bit of experience and ambition in the eye, which they did not have on the field ! The game eventually ended 8-3 to Maalot.
At the end, the day Closed with another game of Qiryat Bialik against Nofit, agame of two groups that based on some players from tinaggers ages that play wonderful at a high level, the game was very close, both teams were very determined to win and sometimes even fought to win and accumulated offenses were punished on penalties. Throughout the game the result was very tight and it was impossible to guess who will the winner, although Bialik group led most minutes of the game it seemed that Nofit is on the way to make the result at any given moment ... The game finally ended 4-3 to Bialik But just at a moments of luck I think.

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Funtastic Israel League.
Hope to see some pictures and videos in one of the next posts.Also the name of the players of each team is a good idea :)