Saturday 25/12/2010 Summary games

Senior League got under way... the game shows that we will be very interesting year in all leagues.
At 09:00 in the first game was a young and energetic players with some senior players against the group's experienced players of Maalot, the game was tight and prudent beginning, in the half survived experienced 1:1 degree result and ended 5-1.
The doormen were outstanding game, Tomer Levy stand againts many attacks and Pendels...
In the other side Adi Lew that kept the gate almost clean and stopped three penalty shootout !
At 10:30 started another game against Academy of Ramat Yishai, a close game, dynamic and volatile, minutes to Ramat Yishai led 5-3 but Lior Oliel player and his team did not break and compared to 5-5 at the end, good for young players from Ramat Yishai and the Academia !!!
At 12:00 from playing youth, Nofit against Tzur Hadassah, the old landscape dominated experienced complete control of the game but ran into stubborn group not to have waived any ball throughout the game despite the high levels of interest, finnally Nofit won 8-2 end and i think it is success to Tzur Hadassah group, Tzur Hadassah goalkeeper was stoped balls perfectly !  
At 13:30 a children's game start, Tzur Hadassah team against Nofit children . the game was close throughout and ended with the result 4-3 Tzur Hadassah demonstrated determination despite reduced experience league games and were able to handle almost beat one of the leading groups - landscape. 

Good luck for everyone my friend's !

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Good to see Israel League going fine.Hope to see a calendar and classification as in Egypt League :P. Good Luck Offer