If you have a business that you want to promote, or if you just want to play a significant part in the life of deserving players,
we ask you respectfully to consider becoming a Sponsor of  Israel Rink Hockey
Various sponsorship categories are available and we can tailor any sponsorship program to adapt to your needs.  
In order to promote the branch of the sport in our country
we are very need your help and the support of you , our sponsors  are very important.
This will not only be a great way for you to promote your business, but you will be facilitating the development of many young local
athletes through competitive sport and team education.
This experience will help to shape their future and will continue to pay dividends for the local community.
Please contact us if you will like to receive more info about our sponsorship program.
List of sponsors posting soon...

Our Goals

Make the game enjoyable and FUN for all parties involved and learning to play the game with respect while competing. PLAYER FIRST!
Present several sports activities with emphasis on skills giving the opportunity for the players prospects to interact with new friends and to improve their skills and getting confidence. SKILLS DEVELOPMENT SECOND!
To provide players in long term with an opportunity to compete against, develop, and play with top teams and players in the world. 
Bring international teams to create a 'rich-cultural-setting" to exchange views about hockey values and principles.

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